Is Living Alone the New Normal During Retirement?

On CBS Sunday Morning this week, there was a report about the rise in people in the United States living alone. According to sociologist Eric Klinenberg, this shift in living status is the greatest social change of the last 60 years. Klinenberg states there are 32.7 million Americans who live alone. In 1950, only 4 million people were solo dwellers or less than 3 percent of the population. [Read more...]

What type of retiree are you?*

You DecideOne of the rhetorical questions I like to ask is whether baby boomers are reinventing retirement. We like to think we’re unique, but are we really? Below are descriptors of different retirement styles. Which one describes your ideal retirement style?

Philanthropists are the people who are committed to taking action and making a difference in the world. They are often trailblazers who want to right a wrong. They work for causes that will improve the world. On one end, they volunteer where they have a passion to serve. On the end, they may start foundations, nonprofits, or become social entrepreneurs, starting a business with a sense of social responsibility. The primary areas of philanthropy are Arts, Education, Environment, Health, Human Services, International and Religious. [Read more...]

Can a Life Coach Help You Create a Happy Retirement?

Retirement transition succesThe general consensus is the retirement transition will take care of itself. For some people it does. If you are already involved in many different activities, an active family, and strong social network, retirement can magically unfold. For many people, retirement is a significant adjustment. Social connections are loss, as well as structure, a sense of importance and meaning. Ironically, the more successful you were in your working life, the more apt you are to struggle in retirement.

When we’re twenty, there is a sense of do-over if you don’t get it right. The older we get, the harder it is to start over. Hiring a life coach through this process can be an invaluable tool. As your coach, I will deliver the following based on your need and desires. [Read more...]

Be Who You are Meant to be Growing Older

Sunset Cabo for Retirement TravelHappiness is acceptance – I struggle with this one. As a person who has lots of goals and things I want to do, it’s easy to get focused on what’s ahead and make the prize the source of my happiness. I have to constantly reign myself in that it’s about the journey and where I am today. [Read more...]

Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

Happy RetirementI love motivational quotes and stories.  I have a notebook full of quotes I started collecting as a young adult. Of course, the advent of the Internet increased access to amazing inspiration to the nth degree. Now I have folders on topics, as well as by year.  Actually, they need to be organized and cataloged, but I still collect them.  I stumbled onto today and thought I’d share quotes others found inspirational. It feels a little young, but still some good things to think about as your planning your retirement life.

Should I Get My Jeep Dirty?

Northern Arizona is jeep country and home of many new retirees, aging baby boomers looking for fun and adventure.

There are miles of dirt and rock road traversing the high desert. Our new friends recently moved here from Indiana. It was natural for them to trade their corvette for a brand new red jeep.

The problem with jeeping is it can be hard on jeeps. [Read more...]

Selecting a Retirement Location

PrescottIt might seem strange to say that I enjoyed a sense of community in Southern California. Most people think of it as a sprawling suburb. We lived in the Conejo Valley that consisted of three towns with a total population of around 250, 000 people in Ventura County, five miles north of the Los Angeles County line.

I wanted a sense of community in our new retirement home. I didn’t want to feel like I was living in a suburb. It needed to be big enough to have all the amenities I wanted. On my ‘must have’ list was art and culture, some form of higher education, and diversity in religious organizations.

Climate and weather was important to both of us. I loved the mild climate in Southern California. Neither one of us wanted extreme hot or cold or a lot of humidity. We knew we’d compromise on climate from California, but wanted as mild as we could get. [Read more...]

Retirement Travel Discovery of Modernista Architects of Barcelona

One of the most fascinating aspects about traveling to Barcelona is the unique architecture of the Catalan Modernism at the turn of the twentieth century led by Antoni Gaudi. This short video is of Casa Batllo, built between 1904-1906.

Loosely modeled from a dragon, the building is void of any straight lines. Everything is organic in shape, with curves spiraling this way and that. What struck me as we toured the house was not only the creativity and vision of the architect, but the skilled craftsmen necessary to manifest his ideas. [Read more...]

Start a Business in Communication

While it’s possible to find a part time job, you’ll find most work related to writing and language is freelance and contract. If you’re a good writer, editor or researcher, you can make retirement income from your craft. [Read more...]

Keep it Simple in Making Retirement Goals

Keep Retirement Goals SimpleI’m a big proponent of looking at all aspects of your life and making effort to establish retirement goals before, during and after the transition. It’s an important part of my coaching people in transition..

Recently, I was talking to a friend who is in the process of retiring from her second career. She has kept her retirement goals simple and concise. She wants to have time to read, enjoy girl friends and keep physically fit. She lost 20 lbs in the last year, all through being and active and wants to keep that up. [Read more...]