Leisure Retirement Activities with Trains

Baby boomers were born during the birth of the Interstate road system which inflicted the final nail into the passenger rail travel coffin. But, that doesn’t mean aging baby boomers don’t have a love affair with trains. I can remember when my brother got his model railroad, as did many young boys growing up in the fifties and sixties.

In fact, model railroading continues to be a very popular retirement hobby. [Read more...]

Journal Topics for 2014 Week Four

ZThe_New_LegacyTips for keeping a journal:

Keeping a journal will help you determine a plan of action

Journaling will help you create a vision for your life

Journaling will help you find a sense of purpose to your life

Keeping a journal will help you develop stronger relations with yourself and others.

Be willing to express yourself spontaneously in your journal


 Journal Topics:

Write about your thoughts concerning death.

You are a building. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are a color. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are a plant. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are a rock. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are an actor. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are an animal. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.


Why do You Travel in Retirement?

Retirement travelTravel has always been an important activity for new retirees. With free time on their hands, the newly retired are ready to head for the open road. Baby boomers are no exception in wanting travel to be an important part of their retirement life. Baby boomers are not interested in being passive bystanders to life, but are looking to experience travel as a part of their new vision.

While travel is a universal retirement goal, there are a number of different reasons and objectives why retirees travel based on their personality type. Look at the descriptions below to discover your reasons for travel. [Read more...]

Journal Topics for 2014 Week Three

 Z19Tips for keeping a journal:

Journaling is great for revealing self & personal growth

Journaling becomes a record of your inner feelings and thoughts

Include poetry, drawings, and cut-outs in your journal

Journaling will help you integrate different experiences in your life

Keeping a journal will help you sort out decisions [Read more...]

Can Seniors Contribute to A Greater Good?

12-4-12shutterstock_76636684I just watched/listened to an interesting video with Mark Meckler, Tea Party founder as he discussed the Living Room Conversations where conservatives and progressives come together in small groups to discuss issues to find common ground.

It occurred to me this is such a wonderful opportunity for retirees. Maggie Kuhn, started the Gray Panthers in 1970 from a passion of human rights for elders. She saw important roles for seniors as mentors, mediators, monitors of public bodies, motivators and mobilizers. She wanted seniors and retirees to be out in the community, involved, engaged and contributing to the greater good. [Read more...]

Start A Business With Plants

A passion for plants can lead to a nice retirement business. By utilizing space or land you already have, you’re maximizing your home asset to generate income. If you love gardening and raising plants as a hobby already, it’s a great way to get enjoyment, as well as supplement your retirement income. Because many seniors love other activities, plant based businesses are often seasonal, which adds to the appeal. [Read more...]

Retirement Leisure Activities Playing Games

You probably know by now that keeping the mind active and challenged is a good way to ward off dementia and other brain disintegration diseases. There isn’t any guarantee that doing a crossword puzzle every day will prevent Alzheimer’s but engaging in mental stimulation certainly helps the brain stay active and youthful.

Not all games are created equal. [Read more...]

Living Arrangements for Older Singles

You’ve heard the saying that nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes. While that may be true, if you’re a woman, chances are good you’re going to spend some of your older years as a single.

One thing nice about aging baby boomers is even if you’re single, that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Entertainment

Baby boomers grew up during a ballooning period of entertainment. Seventy-seven million strong, they said, “Entertain me.” Throughout their lifetime, communication and technology and grown and changed to accommodate them.

the retirement years provides an opportunity to not only be entertained, but also be involved in performing and producing entertainment. [Read more...]

Tips for Voluntary Community Service-Finding Your Passion

Voluntary Community Service-Saving the PlanetRecently, I wrote about how time affects people’s decision to volunteer. There are many other factors to think about before you make a commitment to be a retirement volunteer.

What do you feel passion about? What makes you rant and rave?  These are two great questions to ask yourself when you’re thinking of volunteering.  While you can just fill time, to truly make a difference, you should engage in an activity you feel is important. [Read more...]