In Retirement or Life, How Do You Deal With a Bad Week?

Finding Peace at the Lily PondNo one gets out of life without turmoil and turbulence. It’s just the nature of our experience. I’m a believer that how you respond to an experience shapes it more than the actual event. I’ve been known to get blindsided, smile, put the experience through philosophical perspective and proceed undaunted.

Then there are times like last week, where I’m hurled through one relationship misstep, past a opportunity gone awry, landing smack dab in a computer disaster. Without the time to pick myself up, dust myself off, I feel like I’m confronting another assault on my character, resilience and fortitude. [Read more...]

Are You Actively Engaged or Passively Detached?

Sunrise in Puerto PenascoRecently my husband and I went to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Formerly, a small fishing village, it is now becoming a destination for tourists and American expats. It was wonderful to spend time on the beach looking for sea shells and watching the 200 or so pelicans, herons, and egrets fish and sun bathe along the rocky coast. After a week of relaxation, I was ready to come back home.

We discovered my husband has a friend who retired to Puerto Penasco with his wife about 15 years ago. (Thank you Facebook.) They were wonderful hosts, showing us the town, including the back roads and byways first time visitors rarely see. [Read more...]

Is Learning Important as You Grow Older?

lifelong learningMy husband and I recently joined a meet-up group for photography. As we went around the room to introduce ourselves, at least a quarter of the 20 in attendance said, “I recently retired and want to learn more about my camera and how to take better photographs.”

I recently made a comment to a friend that I’m learning more now that at any time in my life. Am I unique? I’ve always been a voracious learner, both personally and professionally. In talking to friends, I find not alone. One friend who is reading “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life” and says it’s shifted how she sees herself.

I have another friend who just completed an OLLI class about Mechanical Physics and loved it. (By the way, most adult classes are just for fun without grades or homework. ) [Read more...]

Arts and Crafts in Retirement

Crafts in RetirementRetirement is a time to explore new interests and develop new activities. wants to inspire and offer suggestions of creative activities to engage. Actually arts and crafts is a huge topic with many different options available.

There are a number of reasons that arts and crafts are so important and popular in retirement. In generally, these are activities that can be started and stopped mid stream. While there are many A&C that cost a lot of money to learn and engage, most are reasonably priced. Many A&C can be started with minimal learning to begin. Yet, there is opportunity to grow as you want to expand. Most A&C have a community of others who enjoy the activity. Many groups are formed locally, but with the Internet, everyone can find people who share the same interest.

Arts and Crafts offer many benefits as we get older. They keep the mind active. They help with coordination, eye/hand dexterity. Most arts and crafts allow for creativity, both in the product that is produced, but also in problems solving when things don’t go well. They allows people to use their imagination [Read more...]

Why do You Travel in Retirement?

Retirement travelTravel has always been an important activity for new retirees. With free time on their hands, the newly retired are ready to head for the open road. Baby boomers are no exception in wanting travel to be an important part of their retirement life. Baby boomers are not interested in being passive bystanders to life, but are looking to experience travel as a part of their new vision.

While travel is a universal retirement goal, there are a number of different reasons and objectives why retirees travel based on their personality type. Look at the descriptions below to discover your reasons for travel. [Read more...]

Retire Abroad to Costa Rica With Going Like Sixty

Retire Abroad Like Going Like SixtyGuest Blogger Mark Van Patten author of blog agreed to talk about retiring to Costa Rica

What made you decide to retire to a foreign country?
We thought we never could afford to retire because of the cost of health care in the U.S. When we started looking abroad, we discovered we might be able to make it work living strictly on Social Security. So far, so good. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will Appear

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will AppearThis is the fourth video in the series about positive aging. While aging baby boomers are looking for activities for their retirement purpose, the quest for fulfillment is as much in the ‘be’ing and stillness of life as it is in the ‘do’ing and activities of growing older. [Read more...]

Is Positive Aging an Oxymoron?

shutterstock_73623601 An oxymoron combines contradictory terms, such as, almost exactly, bitter sweet, and positive aging. When I told friends and colleagues I’d been selected to present at the Conference for Positive Aging in Los Angeles recently, the most common reaction was, “What’s positive about aging?”

At first glance, these reactions make sense. While we may be able to ignore it earlier in life, we all know what is at the end of the aging process. But, there is much more to aging than just sitting around waiting to die. There is more to aging than disease and decline. This is true even if our bodies and minds aren’t as youthful as we would like. [Read more...]

Are Your Ready for the World Of Nonprofits After Retiring?

Volunteer for a nonprofit

In many ways, the organizational structure of a nonprofit is similar to a for profit business. According to Shelly Cryer, author of The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to Land a Job that Makes a Difference, all nonprofits have a similar structure. (If you are serious about working for a nonprofit, this is the best book on the market.) [Read more...]

Creating the Perfect Life in Retirement

The Perfect LifeHow do you define success?

or fill in the blank:

I’m successful when ___________________

We don’t always think of retirement life in terms of success. But being happy, fulfilled and living wing meaning all contribute to a successful retirement.

Raising the bar one more degree, can you live a perfect life? [Read more...]