Would a Computer Dating Site Select Your Spouse?

My daughter has used dating sites on occasion. On one site, it provides a comprehensive questionnaire of approximately 400 questions. When she told me about this, my first thought was, “No computer would select my husband as a potential mate for me.”

So, I did a quick, informal survey of my friends and all of the wives agreed that a computer wouldn’t have put them together with their spouse. [Read more...]

High Divorce Rate For Retirement-Age Boomers

Yesterday I wrote about the difficulty retirement can bring to a relationship. Well today, I read an article with some interesting statistics. It seems that retirement-age baby boomers are divorcing at a rate twice that of their counterparts in 1990.

Surprisingly enough, researchers haven’t studied this area assuming that being single in elderhood was the result of death, not divorce. According to the recent research, less than 10% of divorces involved someone over 50 in 1990. Now, as many as one fourth of divorces involve someone older.

Baby boomers may have different expectations about marriage than those either before or after them. [Read more...]

The Transition for Retired Couples

As I’ve observed friends and clients, the retirement transition can be difficult on couples. Whether long-term marriages or short, a retired couple faces a new way of being together. Problems that were in the marriage, but lay dormant often rear their ugly head needing to be addressed.

In addition to old unresolved issues coming to the surface, often retired couples encounter new challenges. One problem couples face is where to live after retiring. She wants to enjoy the hustle of a glamorous city in a foreign country; he wants to live on farm in this country. She wants to be closer to the grandkids; he wants to live in a retirement community with a great golf course. This can be a serious challenge for a couple to deal with. [Read more...]

Support Local Businesses

I’m not opposed to big box stores. A few, I really like. Nevertheless, when possible, it’s better to support local businesses. Often times it’s cheaper and certainly better for the local community.

My husband and I want to extend the patio in our back yard. We decided to use pavers on top of the existing patio and then extend it into the yard. When we started the process, the first place we looked was the local big box hardware/lumberyard. We saw a few pavers we liked and decided to call for bids from local contractors for installation. [Read more...]

Retired Couples and Financial Management

Financial management is difficult for all married couples. How does it change for retired couples?

Today was ‘visit the new accountant’ day. It didn’t go exactly as planned.

First, hubby and I were in the car yesterday, when I said, “You remember we’re seeing the accountant tomorrow at 1:00.”

He replied, “I can’t make it. I have another meeting with the homeowners committee.” (He’s on the committee to maintain the community center of our development).

“Well, I’ll go by myself,” I concluded in a slightly pouty tone. [Read more...]

Finding the Right Community for our Move to Prescott, Arizona

stoneridge hills_1When discussing retirement homes and communities, there tends to be a discussion about the city and region, but rarely about the actual community or neighborhood. The exception concerns the adult only, over 55, or planned retirement communities.

Both of our mothers lived in planned retirement communities. We looked at a few, but in the end, decided we didn’t want to live in an exclusively adult only area. I like the energy that comes from having children around.

Be decided we wanted extra amenities such as a pool and spa, so quickly concluded that a planned development was probably what we wanted. We lined up a real estate agent to take us around the Prescott area during our week visit to the area. [Read more...]

Retire Abroad to Costa Rica With Going Like Sixty

Retire Abroad Like Going Like SixtyGuest Blogger Mark Van Patten author of www.GoingLikeSixty.com blog agreed to talk about retiring to Costa Rica

What made you decide to retire to a foreign country?
We thought we never could afford to retire because of the cost of health care in the U.S. When we started looking abroad, we discovered we might be able to make it work living strictly on Social Security. So far, so good. [Read more...]

Should Spouses Start a Retirement Business Together?

Starting a business can be a great way to increase retirement income. For a retired couple, a retirement business can provide a way to spend time together. Or maybe not.

Recently, I was talking to a man who felt like his marriage was in trouble and it centered over both he and his wife working together. [Read more...]

Do Family Secrets Help or Harm?

Going to the Grave with Family SecretsYesterday, I was sitting in the Doctor’s office waiting with my mother. She has dementia and we were waiting to hear the results of her recent blood panel. The days of conversation with my mom extending beyond how wonderful her cats are and moving back to Texas are few and far between.

Our exchange yesterday started out similar to most. She treasures the memories she has of her childhood in Iowa going to her grandmother’s house for Sunday dinner. She relives what a wonderful family she had and how everyone got along. You know, the typical good old days scenario.

My mom will admit that her memory is limited to her childhood and the years she and my dad lived in Texas, after they retired. It’s frustrating for her not remember raising her family and the time she spent in Denver. [Read more...]

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Retirement Travel to Dominican RepublicI had intended to write more about our trip to the Dominican Republic. I may write further about it later on. This blog is about loss. I’m always intrigued by how the universe likes to teach lessons.

On of the interesting things about getting older are fat fingers. Several years ago, I couldn’t remove my wedding ring, had it cut off and enlarged. The ring consisted of three diamonds. With the new sizing, it flopped to the side when I typed, which I do all day long. So, I stopped wearing it, except when we go on vacation. [Read more...]