Retirement Activity Guides: Management and Leadership

retirement activity guide leadership for eldersOne of the more fascinating and challenging retirement transitions is for individuals who were in management and leadership positions at work. Many a wife has complained that her retired manager husband shifted his immense expertise into dictating to her how she should run her home.

While there are some obvious entrepreneurial and volunteering opportunities for the retired leader, let’s take a minute to explore the bigger implications of this transition. While every retired manager will have his/her unique skills, there are some universal abilities shared by most people in positions of authority. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Mathematics and Engineering

Mathematiretirement activities with math and sciencecs and engineering uses the higher functions of both the rational and creative mind. While most occupations in mathematics and engineering require higher degrees, there are retirement activities that retirees can engage that use the math mind. In fact, it’s important to keep the same part of the mind active that uses rational and logical thought. Below is a list of skills and abilities that are used for mathematical thinking. These are important to continue to use to keep an aging mind active and fully functioning. [Read more...]

The secret to a satisfying retirement is…

LA FreewaysRecently I was told about a retired couple who moved to Arizona from the Midwest. They’re not exactly happy here, but decided to take a four-day trip to explore California. Yes, I wrote correctly, 4-days to see California. They drove to Sequoia National Park where they remarked, “If you’ve seen one big tree, you’ve seen them all.” From the park, they drove to the bay area, selected Oakland as their place to stay. I actually like Oakland with its earthy, gritty ambiance, but wouldn’t necessarily select it as representative of all the Bay area has to offer. For some reason, they didn’t want to drive the coast, so I’m guessing they drove Interstate 5 down to LA. I know my California friends are rolling their collective eyes, because no one would choose the I5, unless they had to. The last two days were spent ‘seeing’ Los Angeles and San Diego before heading home. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Social Services

I have a new neighbor who is always there to help a friend or family member in need. As a volunteer in retirement, she looks to be of service to her community and beyond. At one time or another, most of us need assistance from others. Economic or social insecurities can happen with old age, physical or mental impairment, death or desertion of a wage earner.

Prior to the twentieth century, family, churches or local communities met most of these hardships. [Read more...]

Daytrip to Flagstaff, Arizona

Snowbowl Wildflowers Flafstaff ArizonaFlagstaff Arizona is about ninety minutes (ninety miles) northeast of our home in Prescott Valley. It’s an easy drive, abet uphill going and of course, mostly downhill coming back. We had driven through Flagstaff on a number of occasions since moving to Arizona, but had never taken a day trip solely to visit there.

When we first thought about moving to Arizona, our parameters were quite clear. We wanted a location that was cooler than Phoenix in the summer, but much warmer than Flagstaff in the winter. I remember listening to a radio call-in show shortly after our move. A gentleman complained about retiring to Flagstaff and discovering it was every bit as cold as the Chicago he left behind. In case you don’t know this, let me clearly articulate that Flagstaff is cold in the winter. It can easily snow many feet which is why they have a ski resort. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Applied Arts

It’s often difficult to know where crafts end and applied arts begin or their difference with fine arts. That’s okay. If you’re looking for ideas in the arts, take a look at all the different sections. All are an important retirement activity and part of a successful aging plan. [Read more...]

Casting Caution to the Wind

Sahara DesertIf you follow my writings for any length of time, you know that I’m a strong believer in having a vision, goals, a plan and bucket list in retirement. With that said, I often say (write) that it’s more important to engage in planning than having a plan.

As human beings, we like structure. Even as a creative, I need to find the balance between having my list of to-do’s and creating my day. There needs to be a place for the unexpected, serendipity, risk-taking and living outside your comfort zone. When was the last time you cast caution to the wind? [Read more...]

Can Seniors Contribute to A Greater Good?

12-4-12shutterstock_76636684I just watched/listened to an interesting video with Mark Meckler, Tea Party founder as he discussed the Living Room Conversations where conservatives and progressives come together in small groups to discuss issues to find common ground.

It occurred to me this is such a wonderful opportunity for retirees. Maggie Kuhn, started the Gray Panthers in 1970 from a passion of human rights for elders. She saw important roles for seniors as mentors, mediators, monitors of public bodies, motivators and mobilizers. She wanted seniors and retirees to be out in the community, involved, engaged and contributing to the greater good. [Read more...]

Introducing the Retirement LifeMap

Retirement Life Map for Retirement Transition_AMany people retire and wonder who they are, as well as what are they going to do for the next twenty to thirty years. The Retirement LifeMap was created to help people make the retirement transition with a sense of purpose and meaning.

While the adult years may not have been easy, at least most people knew what was expected of them. You had children to raise, money to earn, a job to go to and a home to take care of. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Computers

My first exposure to computers was in an elective semester class I took in the late sixties. The only thing I remember was the binary code, which was and probably still is the building blocks for programming. Today, we often talk about the Gen x’ers that grew up in a world of computers, but it was their parents, the baby boomers who brought that world into being. We were the generation that led the charge that is revolutionizing information and communication. [Read more...]