Is Learning Important as You Grow Older?

lifelong learningMy husband and I recently joined a meet-up group for photography. As we went around the room to introduce ourselves, at least a quarter of the 20 in attendance said, “I recently retired and want to learn more about my camera and how to take better photographs.”

I recently made a comment to a friend that I’m learning more now that at any time in my life. Am I unique? I’ve always been a voracious learner, both personally and professionally. In talking to friends, I find not alone. One friend who is reading “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life” and says it’s shifted how she sees herself.

I have another friend who just completed an OLLI class about Mechanical Physics and loved it. (By the way, most adult classes are just for fun without grades or homework. ) [Read more...]

Retire Abroad to Costa Rica With Going Like Sixty

Retire Abroad Like Going Like SixtyGuest Blogger Mark Van Patten author of blog agreed to talk about retiring to Costa Rica

What made you decide to retire to a foreign country?
We thought we never could afford to retire because of the cost of health care in the U.S. When we started looking abroad, we discovered we might be able to make it work living strictly on Social Security. So far, so good. [Read more...]

Creating the Perfect Life in Retirement

The Perfect LifeHow do you define success?

or fill in the blank:

I’m successful when ___________________

We don’t always think of retirement life in terms of success. But being happy, fulfilled and living wing meaning all contribute to a successful retirement.

Raising the bar one more degree, can you live a perfect life? [Read more...]

Prescott Fires Reaffirm Need for Adequate Insurance for Retirement Home

Yarnell Hill Before FireIs your idea of a dream retirement home overlooking a beach or other waterfront property? Do you fantasize about living in the mountains surrounded by a luscious green forest?

When my husband’s best friend retired, he bought a home and land overlooking a bay on the Florida Panhandle close to the Gulf of Mexico. Within two years of moving in, he was hit, not by one, but two hurricanes. While his home was built on stilts and insured, his boy toys were stored underneath the house. During both hurricanes, he lost his dock and many possessions that were not covered by insurance. [Read more...]

Travel in Retirement and the Ick Factor

Puerto Penasco MuralsThe world is an amazing place to visit. One of the aspects that keep retirees from seeing much of it is the Ick Factor.

On the last day of our New England trip with our grandchildren, I wanted to walk the Freedom Trail in Boston. Meandering through the center of this historic city, the trail is a living museum of the colony and transition into becoming a country.

Shortly after arriving, my 14 year old grandson made it perfectly clear he didn’t like Boston at all. As I looked around the city through his eyes, I saw the mentally disabled, homeless and throngs of people compressed in a small area of high rises. I understood why he may have been less than thrilled.

After we returned home, my husband was telling his friends about our upcoming trip to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico. Their first reaction was, “Why would you want to go down THERE?”

I’m fully aware that many people don’t want to see the ‘under belly of the world.’ My husband refuses to go to India and I can understand his reluctance. For many baby boomers who were raised in the saccharin cradle of suburbia, travel to congested cities and third world countries doesn’t have much appeal. [Read more...]

Are You Feeling Stuck Creating a Happy Retirement?

FeeFeeling Stuck Happy Retirement

The retirement transition is often difficult. Many people feel stuck, often isolated and unable to move to the happy retirement they desire.

This is a message I received yesterday from J:

“I retired about 3 yrs ago and have gone through hobbies and other endeavors trying to find something that fits. Right now I play golf and motorcycle ride regularly, have a small garden and teach computer classes. I still feel like something’s missing. [Read more...]

Baby Boomers Embrace Growing Older Gracefully

Retirement travel leads to Singapore orchidsBiology dictated the earlier years of your life. Remember how our generation was going to do things differently. We set off with good intentions in the 1960’s. Our world was going to be unlike our parents. Yet, in many ways, we became our parents. What we didn’t realize was biology largely dictates the adult years. The need to bond, make and support families, and build a home are buried deep inside our psyche. Yes, your mind can override biology, but the urge remains very strong within us. [Read more...]

What Will You Miss About Work After Retiring?

What will you miss about work?There’s a saying in retirement circles that it’s more important to focus on what you’re retiring to instead of from. Many people feel burned out, stressed and overworked. Retirement is seen as a panacea, a remedy for what ails you, if you will. Unfortunately people in this situation often don’t have a plan for how retirement is going to change their lives. Many become quickly disillusioned by the new experience.

With all of that said, it is important to recognize what you’re going to give up when you stop working. No matter how difficult a job may be, most people miss some aspects of their working life. [Read more...]

The Fleeting Moments as We Age

Lifes Fleeting MomentsSix months ago, my 95 year old aunt came to visit my mom. She lives in Denver and had invited her 80 year old cousin to come up from Tucson for a mini family reunion. We had a delightful visit. My aunt is frisky to say the least. Her cousin, who I didn’t know, was a delight. [Read more...]

The Guide to Retirement Activities Has Arrived

00_RetirementActivities_HorizontalLike most career counselors, I like to categorize work and activities.  We live in a world with so many options, how can people possibly explore them all.  Over the years, there have been numerous models created to assess personalities with corresponding careers or jobs.

In 2003, I created the VISTa Life/Career Cards based on the Holland model of personality and work. It’s a great tool that is used in major US universities and by  professionals around the world.  As a career counselor, I specialized in working with adults helping them find and express this purpose.  It was relatively easy for my to move into retirement life planning or retirement transition planning. [Read more...]