Is Learning Important as You Grow Older?

lifelong learningMy husband and I recently joined a meet-up group for photography. As we went around the room to introduce ourselves, at least a quarter of the 20 in attendance said, “I recently retired and want to learn more about my camera and how to take better photographs.”

I recently made a comment to a friend that I’m learning more now that at any time in my life. Am I unique? I’ve always been a voracious learner, both personally and professionally. In talking to friends, I find not alone. One friend who is reading “Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life” and says it’s shifted how she sees herself.

I have another friend who just completed an OLLI class about Mechanical Physics and loved it. (By the way, most adult classes are just for fun without grades or homework. ) [Read more...]

Why do You Travel in Retirement?

Retirement travelTravel has always been an important activity for new retirees. With free time on their hands, the newly retired are ready to head for the open road. Baby boomers are no exception in wanting travel to be an important part of their retirement life. Baby boomers are not interested in being passive bystanders to life, but are looking to experience travel as a part of their new vision.

While travel is a universal retirement goal, there are a number of different reasons and objectives why retirees travel based on their personality type. Look at the descriptions below to discover your reasons for travel. [Read more...]

Bring Learning into Your Home

Books important for Retirement LeisureReading is one of the most popular retirement leisure activities.  If you’re like me, it doesn’t cost anything by visiting your local library.  I’m also lucky that we have a book exchange out our community center.  But, I also have a confession to make.  I struggle with leisure reading.  For years, I was a prolific reader and always had my nose in a juicy novel.  Through my twenties and thirties, I carried a list of the top 100 classic books to read.  In fact, I read most of them.  Then most of my reading shifted to material that was work related. [Read more...]

Retirement Travel Discovery of Modernista Architects of Barcelona

One of the most fascinating aspects about traveling to Barcelona is the unique architecture of the Catalan Modernism at the turn of the twentieth century led by Antoni Gaudi. This short video is of Casa Batllo, built between 1904-1906.

Loosely modeled from a dragon, the building is void of any straight lines. Everything is organic in shape, with curves spiraling this way and that. What struck me as we toured the house was not only the creativity and vision of the architect, but the skilled craftsmen necessary to manifest his ideas. [Read more...]

Finding Life of Passion in Retirement Activities

inding Passion from Retirement ActivitiesIn elementary school, I had a friend who was great at drawing horses. They were beautiful, full of detail and shading so they looked like the real thing. My drawings consisted of rudimentary stick figures barely recognizable. Based on that information, I concluded I didn’t have any artistic talent and stopped taking classes or engaging in other art activities.

Unfortunately, when we are around ten years old we make many decisions about what we can and cannot do well. Many of those decisions stay with us for the rest of our lives. [Read more...]

Retirement Learning about Organizing

If you have a desire to learn about organizing, whether for personal or professional reasons, there is no better place to start than the National Association of Professional Organizers (

There are a number of places on the site to help you learn about organizing and the profession. [Read more...]

Congratulations Graduate: Reinventing Life Over 50

It was a thrilling graduation day on the University of Arizona campus. The temperature was warm, providing a hint of the hot summer soon to follow. For the family and friends waiting for the graduation ceremony, the focus was on the intimate hall in the School of Music.

I was thrilled to attend the graduation of my high school friend, Christa. We have remained friends through thirty-five years of life, which has included death, marriage, divorce, challenges, heartache, as well as joy, learning and growth. Having survived the death of her only child and beloved mother, Christa chose to rise above the ashes to return to school to get her graduate degree in library science. [Read more...]

Learning About Plants

Ever since the transition from hunter/gatherer, the human species has been learning about plants, and how to cultivate them. Even if you don’t believe you have a green thumb, you can start growing plants without a lot of knowledge. Depending on your need and desires, there is an almost unlimited amount of resources to expand your knowledge of plants and gardening. [Read more...]

Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Aging Boomers

Baby boomers are the most educated group to have ever lived. We arrived in a post World War II era of growth that supported a great education for everyone. For the first time, children weren’t required to leave school to help support the family.

Learning as been part of the boomer experience into adulthood and now in seniorhood. Many people over 50 are returning to school to update skills for better employment.

Lifelong learning encompasses much more than getting a better job. [Read more...]

Combine Learning and Travel in Retirement

Travel and LearningBaby boomers are educated and committed to lifelong learning as they age. What could be better than combining learning and travel? Throughout the country and now world are opportunities to travel and learn.

Some learning is destination. Cooking schools, for example are cropping up all over the world to teach people about local cuisine. Classes can range from a couple of hours to months. [Read more...]