Leisure Activities With Plants

After World War II, my parents rented a basement apartment from a retired Colorado Supreme Court justice and his wife. They became friends and I can remember visiting them as a young child. We would usually go to their house in the evening and Judge Alter (as I called him) would come into the living room wearing full bib overalls after a day of working in his vegetable garden. His passion was raising strawberries and I can remember being amazed at how the small white blossom would transform into a luscious ruby red fruit.

Whether you are content with a small herb garden on the kitchen windowsill or have elaborate acreage in the back forty, raising plants and gardening has always been one of the most popular leisure activities in retirement. [Read more...]

Should I Get My Jeep Dirty?

Northern Arizona is jeep country and home of many new retirees, aging baby boomers looking for fun and adventure.

There are miles of dirt and rock road traversing the high desert. Our new friends recently moved here from Indiana. It was natural for them to trade their corvette for a brand new red jeep.

The problem with jeeping is it can be hard on jeeps. [Read more...]

Retirement Travel to Remote Regions of the World

Retirement travel is still one of the most important things to do when retired.  While many retired couples and individuals choose more traditional avenues, such as cruises, some elect for more adventure.

When my husband and I first traveled overseas, we couldn’t afford to go to Europe. It was cheaper to go on tours to developing countries. In fact, the first tour we went on was to Cambodia and Thailand. Cambodia was just opening up to travelers after years of suppression. [Read more...]

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Retirement Travel to Dominican RepublicI had intended to write more about our trip to the Dominican Republic. I may write further about it later on. This blog is about loss. I’m always intrigued by how the universe likes to teach lessons.

On of the interesting things about getting older are fat fingers. Several years ago, I couldn’t remove my wedding ring, had it cut off and enlarged. The ring consisted of three diamonds. With the new sizing, it flopped to the side when I typed, which I do all day long. So, I stopped wearing it, except when we go on vacation. [Read more...]

Can You Have Too Many Interests After Retirement?

One of the misconceptions about retirement is you now have time to do ALL of the things you’ve put off while working and raising a family. For people who have many interests, retirement can actually be a time of frustration.

When my husband retired, I suggested we had to find one retirement activity we could enjoy together. [Read more...]

Where are Baby Boomers in Overseas Travel?

Since the early 1990’s my husband and I have travelled the world. We’re surprised at how few fellow Americans we encounter. When we do see American travelers, they tend to be either in their twenties or older than 70. With 77 million baby boomers at the beginning of their retirements, why don’t we see them traveling abroad?

[Read more...]

Gardening to Celebrate Earth Day

Gardening is the number one leisure activity for retired seniors. Especially, for people who worked in an office, being outside, enjoying nature is a great benefit of gardening. Hoping to reduce food costs is an additional gain. Organic gardening allows you to grow food you know is healthy. [Read more...]

Bring Learning into Your Home

Books important for Retirement LeisureReading is one of the most popular retirement leisure activities.  If you’re like me, it doesn’t cost anything by visiting your local library.  I’m also lucky that we have a book exchange out our community center.  But, I also have a confession to make.  I struggle with leisure reading.  For years, I was a prolific reader and always had my nose in a juicy novel.  Through my twenties and thirties, I carried a list of the top 100 classic books to read.  In fact, I read most of them.  Then most of my reading shifted to material that was work related. [Read more...]

The Power of Music to Baby Boomers

While I’ve never been one to spend a lot of time looking to the good old times behind us, but every now and then something happens to put our lives into perspective.

The power of music as been with baby boomers throughout our lives.  For many of us, the person who first introduced to us to modern music was Dick Clark.   [Read more...]

Finding Life of Passion in Retirement Activities

inding Passion from Retirement ActivitiesIn elementary school, I had a friend who was great at drawing horses. They were beautiful, full of detail and shading so they looked like the real thing. My drawings consisted of rudimentary stick figures barely recognizable. Based on that information, I concluded I didn’t have any artistic talent and stopped taking classes or engaging in other art activities.

Unfortunately, when we are around ten years old we make many decisions about what we can and cannot do well. Many of those decisions stay with us for the rest of our lives. [Read more...]