Journal Topics for 2014 Week Four

ZThe_New_LegacyTips for keeping a journal:

Keeping a journal will help you determine a plan of action

Journaling will help you create a vision for your life

Journaling will help you find a sense of purpose to your life

Keeping a journal will help you develop stronger relations with yourself and others.

Be willing to express yourself spontaneously in your journal


 Journal Topics:

Write about your thoughts concerning death.

You are a building. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are a color. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are a plant. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are a rock. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are an actor. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.

You are an animal. Don’t just try to describe it, but really feel what you are from the inside out.


Journal Topics for 2014 Week Three

 Z19Tips for keeping a journal:

Journaling is great for revealing self & personal growth

Journaling becomes a record of your inner feelings and thoughts

Include poetry, drawings, and cut-outs in your journal

Journaling will help you integrate different experiences in your life

Keeping a journal will help you sort out decisions [Read more...]

Journal Topics for 2014 Week Two

Z15What are the benefits of keeping a journal?

Keeping a journal helps solve problems. By putting your thoughts on paper, the hamster in the cage feeling that often occurs when you are struggling with a challenge, has a place to go. Sometimes the act of writing, helps you look at the problem in a new light. As a result, problems often change or solutions literally lift off the page.

It allows your to vent your feelings, both positive and negative.

It shows growth and shifts in your personal development.

A journal can be a permanent record of your life. It can be a legacy you leave for others.


A journal can be a temporary. If you want to write your thoughts down and then immediately burn or throw it away, you can.

Remember, if you choose to keep a journal as a permanent record, be careful about how you discuss others. A need to vent on paper can be part of a powerful personal healing that you don’t want to share with others. If you want your journal to be shared with others, consider having another private place to voice negatives that are best not passed down.

Journal topics:

How would you like contribute to the greater good?

What could you do with your life that is “”really”" important?

What do you want to change?

If things were worked out the way you’d like them to, how would that look to you?

How do you envision your life in 5-10 years?

Where are you in relation to where you want to be?

What is the most potentially fulfilling goal you want to pursue?



Journal Topics for 2014 Week One

Z13AZ13Aretirement passionHaving always struggled writing a journal, it wasn’t until I took an Artist’s Way Workshop, that I was able to enjoy keeping one. The key to success was having questions and topics to reflect on. I wondered why someone hadn’t developed a list of possible journaling questions for those moments when our creative minds go blank. Because keeping a journal has been such a powerful tool for me, I decided to compile such a list, with a topic for every day of a year. [Read more...]

If you don’t have expectations, you won’t be disappointed

Cathy SeversonMy mother started her spiritual quest in the early 1960’s. I always thought that was amazing considering I my younger years were spent in a very traditional religion.

Among her many teachers was Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, who brought eastern thought to mostly middle class white women. I would go across town periodically to listen to Laurel in her living room talk about new ways of thinking and different philosophies than I was raised. I will never forget when she made the statement, “If you don’t have expectations, you won’t be disappointed.” It’s probably been close to forty-five years since I heard that phrase. I find that when I’m disappointed, it’s usually because I had unrealistic expectations. [Read more...]

Banish the New Year’s Resolution

iStock_000005249011XSmallThe New Year is a wonderful time to reflect upon the past, think about the present often in gratitude and plan for the upcoming year. One of the time honored traditions of the New Year is the making of resolutions, followed two months later by the media report that most people have not kept them. [Read more...]

Lack of Self-Confidence can Derail Your Retirement

cat_mirror_lion Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence can be debilitating at any age. Getting older rarely helps the situation. While most people are forced to function in the world by working, retirement provides an opportunity to retreat and become isolated.

Recently, I met an attractive woman who needed help with her resume. She was very reserved and it was clear she was nervous just speaking to me. As our conversation progressed, I learned she was well educated, and articulate. The only thing that is holding her back is her lack of confidence. [Read more...]

More Tips about Aging Gracefully

Aging GracefullyThe response to article I posted yesterday about Aging Gracefully was remarkable on our Facebook page (Please visit and like). Because we want to meet people however they come to this page, I thought I’d post the comments here.

Ana Goncalves – By being happy in who I am, taking care of myself and that also means giving value to myself and appreciating the little things that make my world a better place xx these are some of the things that I have noticed have made the most amount of difference in my life, and like others I don’t pay attention to the age for it is only a number and what determines my life is my attitude and the follow of the beating of my heart xx we are only as young as who we are inside and we can choose to spread that joy in any way that we like. [Read more...]

How do You Age Gracefully?

Aging gracefullyOne of our goals  is to open up discussion that isn’t available elsewhere. One of the reasons I was thrilled to have Ron and Anita Nairn as experts is they shoot me right out of my comfort zone in their discussions about sexuality as we get older.

Recently we had two articles about life and death. They came from completely different perspectives, drawing contradictory conclusions. [Read more...]

Is Happiness a Choice as We Get Older?

Celebration of getting older_I was talking to my best friend from high school this weekend and we were discussing getting older. The fervent wish we both shared was not be to be grumpy old people. The question arises as the whether or not happiness is a choice or are we victims of our own attitudes? Can you choose to be happy and how do you do that when life ain’t always grand? [Read more...]