In Retirement or Life, How Do You Deal With a Bad Week?

Finding Peace at the Lily PondNo one gets out of life without turmoil and turbulence. It’s just the nature of our experience. I’m a believer that how you respond to an experience shapes it more than the actual event. I’ve been known to get blindsided, smile, put the experience through philosophical perspective and proceed undaunted.

Then there are times like last week, where I’m hurled through one relationship misstep, past a opportunity gone awry, landing smack dab in a computer disaster. Without the time to pick myself up, dust myself off, I feel like I’m confronting another assault on my character, resilience and fortitude. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will Appear

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will AppearThis is the fourth video in the series about positive aging. While aging baby boomers are looking for activities for their retirement purpose, the quest for fulfillment is as much in the ‘be’ing and stillness of life as it is in the ‘do’ing and activities of growing older. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging: Speak Your Truth

Tips for positive agingThis is the third in a series about positive aging. So much of this blog is about retirement activities. Which is certainly important, but I don’t you want to miss there great meaning of growing old, which is about being who we are.

The first lesson in this short video is about speaking your truth at all times. It is often a challenge to speak our truth. We don’t want to offend other or say the ‘wrong’ thing. But an even bigger obstacle is know what our truth is. Often we have been focused on the roles we’ve played and don’t know who were are and what we believe. As you watch the video, take a moment to ask, “What is my truth?” You may be surprised by the answer. [Read more...]

What Are You Tolerating in Your Retirement Life?

what we tolerate sucks energy from our retirement timeWhat are you tolerating in your life? For quite some time, I’ve been amazed at what the human species is willing to endure. Many parts of the planet are inhospitable at best and yet people live in the coldest cold, or extreme humidity and heat, places that lack good water, food or shelter. On a more personal level, there are spouses who endure abuse, employees who will accept horrible conditions often for little reward. Yes, I realize many don’t have choices or belief they have options. As societies and cultures, it is phenomenal what humans tolerate.

It’s interesting to take a moment and look at what you are tolerating in your own life. Why’s is this important? Because, tolerating the little things can suck the energy right out of you. When your energy is low, you’re less effective and life is less enjoyable. Period. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging-Acceptance

Positive Aging for Retirement TransitionThis is the second in a series about positive aging.  Most of us think of aging as a negative with decline, death and disease as the only thing to look forward to.  If you get beyond just focusing on the body, there are many wondrous changes that can occur.  These little videos are my interpretation of what positive aging is all about.

I would love your opinions both for and against these ideas of positive aging. [Read more...]

Word for the Year

Word of the year














I take the transition to the New Year seriously.  Maybe to a fault. I review the current year as I prepare for the upcoming one.  There are a number of activities that I engage and add (never subtract) as new exercises appear and appeal. [Read more...]

Review Your Estate Plan

About five years ago, my husband and I finalized an estate plan. Before then, we had will, but we decided we needed a trust. It is recommended you get a trust if you have over $50 thousand in personal property and/or property valued at over $75 thousand.

Our estate plan includes a living trust, wills for my husband and me plus, Advance Medical Directives, Living Wills, and Financial Powers of Attorney. It is recommended you seek out an attorney to help you with a Living Trust if you decide you need one.

The primary reason I wanted to write about this is some people are reluctant to discuss an estate plan. [Read more...]

The Paradoxes of Third Age

We walk parallel paths as we age. One is to make peace where we’re at with our lives, bodies, environments, and relationships as we seek opportunities to express who we are in the world. [Read more...]

What Motivates You in Retirement Transition?

What motivates you in your retirement transition?  Many review their life and they set new retirement goals.

As a student, I spent many years not living up to my potential. I knew I was bright and could do better than I did. I mostly existed on C’s and B’s until the thought occurred to me that I might want to go to college. During my junior and senior years in high school, I got close to straight A’s. [Read more...]

The Value of Forgiveness During Retirement Years

It’s difficult to get to the retirement years and not have experienced pain and injustice. Getting older and retirement allow us the time and opportunity to review our lives and make peace with what has transpired. Not to find resolution leads to anger and bitterness. [Read more...]