The Paradoxes of Third Age

We walk parallel paths as we age. One is to make peace where we’re at with our lives, bodies, environments, and relationships as we seek opportunities to express who we are in the world. [Read more...]

What Motivates You in Retirement Transition?

What motivates you in your retirement transition?  Many review their life and they set new retirement goals.

As a student, I spent many years not living up to my potential. I knew I was bright and could do better than I did. I mostly existed on C’s and B’s until the thought occurred to me that I might want to go to college. During my junior and senior years in high school, I got close to straight A’s. [Read more...]

The Value of Forgiveness During Retirement Years

It’s difficult to get to the retirement years and not have experienced pain and injustice. Getting older and retirement allow us the time and opportunity to review our lives and make peace with what has transpired. Not to find resolution leads to anger and bitterness. [Read more...]

Is There Value in Worry in the Retirement Years?

Even though we may know better, worry can still be a challenge in life after 60. Concerns about children and other members often upset the tranquil retirement lifestyle. [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Anchors for Retirement Happiness?

You’ve worked hard your entire life. You’ve raised a family. In spite of being told you part of a selfish, indulgent generation, you’ve tried to live a good life. Now you’re thinking about the retirement transition. It may be a couple of years off, or has already happened.

You’ve been told that it’s your time. NOW! If you’re like most people, you have the first few months planned. You probably have a trip or two scheduled. There are projects you’ve put on hold until you had more time.

After that, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? [Read more...]

Stillness in Action

There is a Yoga term referred to as stillness in action. In part, it means finding quiet within the craziness of modern life. It can also refer to the tension that arises from these two phenomena. It also is a way of explaining the beginning of the retirement transition.

While we’re programmed to jump right out there into the fray of life replacing the activity of work with one of fun and leisure, there is an opportunity for another approach. Taking the time to slow down and learn to be quiet is uncomfortable for many. [Read more...]

Is the Loss of Beauty a Tragedy For Women Over 60?

As women age, they must contend with loss of beauty. While many women don’t think of themselves and beautiful, the aging process definitely puts beauty into a new perspective. While women lose beauty, men have to confront the loss of physical strength.

As we get older, we all struggle with out own interpretation of that process. Some people cling to youth, dressing like their daughters or even granddaughters or spending thousands of dollars on a nip here or a tuck there. I certainly don’t stand in judgment. As someone who hasn’t seen her natural hair color in over forty years, it’s all a matter of degrees. [Read more...]

Exercise Program: Tweak until You Get it Right

I’m assuming most people have a challenge finding and sticking to an exercise program. As the days were beginning to warm in the spring, I enjoyed walking the golf course behind my house. It’s quite hilly, so it gets my heart pumping. But, soon the days were getting too warm and golfers were playing too long and I got out of the habit. [Read more...]

What’s Your Ideal Day During Retirement

My friend, Christa shared her ideal day in retirement.

I’m reminded of the story Robert Fulghum tells about the time he tried to commit suicide. He bought a vacuum cleaner hose and planned to hook it up to his exhaust pipe and then into his back car window. [Read more...]

When to Ask for Help

Most Americans are do-it-yourselfers. We pride ourselves on being independent, resilient with a streak of the pioneer spirit. As a child, my mother would often say how she wanted my siblings and me to be independent. The opposite of independent isn’t necessarily dependency.

This week I made the decision to hire a personal trainer. [Read more...]