Is Happiness a Choice as We Get Older?

Celebration of getting older_I was talking to my best friend from high school this weekend and we were discussing getting older. The fervent wish we both shared was not be to be grumpy old people. The question arises as the whether or not happiness is a choice or are we victims of our own attitudes? Can you choose to be happy and how do you do that when life ain’t always grand? [Read more...]

Can a Life Coach Help You Create a Happy Retirement?

Retirement transition succesThe general consensus is the retirement transition will take care of itself. For some people it does. If you are already involved in many different activities, an active family, and strong social network, retirement can magically unfold. For many people, retirement is a significant adjustment. Social connections are loss, as well as structure, a sense of importance and meaning. Ironically, the more successful you were in your working life, the more apt you are to struggle in retirement.

When we’re twenty, there is a sense of do-over if you don’t get it right. The older we get, the harder it is to start over. Hiring a life coach through this process can be an invaluable tool. As your coach, I will deliver the following based on your need and desires. [Read more...]

Be Who You are Meant to be Growing Older

Sunset Cabo for Retirement TravelHappiness is acceptance – I struggle with this one. As a person who has lots of goals and things I want to do, it’s easy to get focused on what’s ahead and make the prize the source of my happiness. I have to constantly reign myself in that it’s about the journey and where I am today. [Read more...]

Keep it Simple in Making Retirement Goals

Keep Retirement Goals SimpleI’m a big proponent of looking at all aspects of your life and making effort to establish retirement goals before, during and after the transition. It’s an important part of my coaching people in transition..

Recently, I was talking to a friend who is in the process of retiring from her second career. She has kept her retirement goals simple and concise. She wants to have time to read, enjoy girl friends and keep physically fit. She lost 20 lbs in the last year, all through being and active and wants to keep that up. [Read more...]

Aging with Distinction – Jane Fonda

File:Jane Fonda Cannes nineties.jpg

At seventy-five, Fonda has embraced aging and become a role model to many. We all walk a fine line between clinging to youth and succumbing to the ravages of growing older. Jane Fonda isn’t any different, but she is trying to forge an attitude that approaches aging with dignity and strength. [Read more...]

Find the Beauty and Wonder in the World as You Age

Arizona Retirement Transition Coach Goes to SingaporeGrowing Older Gracefully You Tube Video #5

You’re totally Unique Just like everyone else- Do you remember kindergarten and how I was important to be one of the group and not stand out or be special. But, we are all special in our own unique ways, not better, just special.

Practice random kindness-I love the concept of ‘Pass it Forward.” When was the last time you went out of your way to be extra kind to a stranger, clerk in a store or server? [Read more...]

In Retirement or Life, How Do You Deal With a Bad Week?

Finding Peace at the Lily PondNo one gets out of life without turmoil and turbulence. It’s just the nature of our experience. I’m a believer that how you respond to an experience shapes it more than the actual event. I’ve been known to get blindsided, smile, put the experience through philosophical perspective and proceed undaunted.

Then there are times like last week, where I’m hurled through one relationship misstep, past a opportunity gone awry, landing smack dab in a computer disaster. Without the time to pick myself up, dust myself off, I feel like I’m confronting another assault on my character, resilience and fortitude. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will Appear

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will AppearThis is the fourth video in the series about positive aging. While aging baby boomers are looking for activities for their retirement purpose, the quest for fulfillment is as much in the ‘be’ing and stillness of life as it is in the ‘do’ing and activities of growing older. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging: Speak Your Truth

Tips for positive agingThis is the third in a series about positive aging. So much of this blog is about retirement activities. Which is certainly important, but I don’t you want to miss there great meaning of growing old, which is about being who we are.

The first lesson in this short video is about speaking your truth at all times. It is often a challenge to speak our truth. We don’t want to offend other or say the ‘wrong’ thing. But an even bigger obstacle is know what our truth is. Often we have been focused on the roles we’ve played and don’t know who were are and what we believe. As you watch the video, take a moment to ask, “What is my truth?” You may be surprised by the answer. [Read more...]

What Are You Tolerating in Your Retirement Life?

what we tolerate sucks energy from our retirement timeWhat are you tolerating in your life? For quite some time, I’ve been amazed at what the human species is willing to endure. Many parts of the planet are inhospitable at best and yet people live in the coldest cold, or extreme humidity and heat, places that lack good water, food or shelter. On a more personal level, there are spouses who endure abuse, employees who will accept horrible conditions often for little reward. Yes, I realize many don’t have choices or belief they have options. As societies and cultures, it is phenomenal what humans tolerate.

It’s interesting to take a moment and look at what you are tolerating in your own life. Why’s is this important? Because, tolerating the little things can suck the energy right out of you. When your energy is low, you’re less effective and life is less enjoyable. Period. [Read more...]