Volunteer Activities to Help the Environment

Prior to the Second World War, few people considered the necessity to conserve, protect and restore the natural resources of land, air and water. For baby boomers who grew up in a time of expanded environmental awareness, working on environmental issues is a worthy retirement goal. [Read more...]

Volunteer Activities Enjoying Nature

In 1971, the National Park Service Volunteers-In-Parks Program (VIP) was authorized. This allowed the national parks to utilize volunteers for the benefit of both the individual and the parks. Hundreds of thousands of volunteers contribute millions of hour yearly to ‘preserve and protect America’s natural and cultural heritage.’ [Read more...]

How One Can Make a Difference With Projects

Recently, I was talking to a woman who commented she was reluctant to volunteer because she didn’t want to over commit. While retirement-age baby boomers volunteer in great numbers, many people are afraid to commit for fear of getting involved in something they can’t get out of or having too much to do. [Read more...]

Improved Health Benefits One Reason Why Volunteering is Good

There are a number of reasons why volunteering is good. Clearly, there is value to the recipient when volunteering. There are also rewards to the volunteer through improved health benefits.

A number of studies have answered why volunteering is good. It makes sense the greatest health benefit occurs in older adults over 60. In addition to greater life satisfaction, people who volunteer live longer, and have few health issues than people who don’t. There is also reduced depression for people who volunteer. [Read more...]

Aging with Distinction: Warren Stortroen

Warren StortoenEvery now and then we meet people, sometimes quite by accident who take our breath away. It’s a combination usually of who they are, as well as what they do.

Several years ago, I was looking for retirees who make a significant difference through volunteering. I called a number of nonprofits around the country, asking if they had senior volunteers I could interview. Earthwatch Institute was the only organization that gave me a name.

At the time of our first interview, Warren Stortroen was in his late seventies and had gone on over 70 Earthwatch Expeditions. [Read more...]

Questions to Ask About Volunteer Overseas Programs

Senior Volunteers in RetirementRead Part I of Volunteer Overseas Programs

Volunteering overseas can be a rewarding retirement activity.  Before you hit the road, take the time to fully research and understand the organization and volunteer experience.

As a volunteer, what are all of the costs associated with the assignment? Costs can include travel to and from the country, housing, food, as well as paying for the experience. [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About Volunteer Overseas Programs

Volunteer overseas programs

Last week I received an email from a man in Cambodia who has a nonprofit. He is looking for volunteers and suggested we promote him through this blog. While I looked at his website and he appears to have a legitimate organization, I would never promote anything without it being fully vetted.

As I was thinking about researching this organization, it occurred to me there are many people who are interested in being retirement volunteers away from home. Regardless of the organization, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into, what it’s going to cost and what to expect. [Read more...]

Stuffing Envelops Isn’t Enough for the New Retirement Volunteer

no stuffinenvelops for retirement volunteer I was talking to a friend this morning about volunteering at the Prescott Film Festival. We took a class together, got friendly and I suggested she might like to volunteer at the festival. Did I mention she has a Ph.D. in film and spent the last 14 years teaching at the University of Arizona? [Read more...]

Search And Rescue Volunteers Save Lives

Search and Rescue Ssnior Volunteers2You’ve seen them on television when there is a lost child. Often times large numbers of volunteers fan out over an area looking for clues or trace of piece of clothing or missing shoe, ultimately hoping to find the missing person alive and well.

Shortly after we moved to Prescott, my husband bought a jeep and joined the jeeping club. On his first outing, he was befriend by another retiree who recommended he join the local sheriff’s department response team or search and rescue squad.

These aren’t a band of untrained citizens that appear when there is a cry for help, but a well-organized, highly trained group of volunteers who are committed to serving their local community. [Read more...]

Birdwatching Important an Enjoyable Retirement Activity

Watching quail from home in Prescott ArizonaI first became aware of my fascination with watching birds after a tree trimmer mistakenly thought we wanted to chop down the old ash in our backyard instead of merely trimming it. I’m glad we were able to communicate before the tree went tumbling down.

The benefit of this naked tree was how easy it was to see the birds that came to perch on it. A clan of woodpeckers had recently moved into the area and they loved to pick the bugs out of the bark of the ash. At times, we had half a dozen birds talking and squawking around the tree. When I needed to take a break from the computer, nothing gave me greater joy than to sit on the back patio watching those birds. [Read more...]