Aging with Distinction – Bill Cosby

If you are a retirement age baby boomer, you probably grew up listening to Bill Cosby on vinyl. We had quite a few of his albums. “Chicken Heart” was one of my favorites as parents wanting a night out leave a child alone with a radio and a vivid imagination. [Read more...]

Expand Your Options for Retirement Work

Retirement workIn a previous blog, I wrote how retirement work could include job sharing, telecommuting and other interesting options. Baby boomers are also looking at different work alternatives to balance against a retirement lifestyle. The idea of reinventing retirement work is limited only by your desires and creativity. [Read more...]

Consider a Bridge Job as Part of the Retirement Transition

Bridge Job for Retirement transitionEmployers are experimenting with ways to retain valued older employees as they transition into retirement. Often referred to as gap or bridge job, these work situations are designed to help the employee put one toe in retirement, but still remain gainfully employed. Many colleges and universities offer phased retirement options. Professors are allowed to cut back to either part time during the year or only work for one semester or quarter. Sabbaticals are offered for long-term employees to take extended time off for special projects or personal time.


[Read more...]

Retirement Work Grows With Aging Baby Boomers

Baby boomers retirement my mean starting a businessBased on the traditional definition, retirement work is an oxymoron. Wasn’t retirement supposed to be the time after work? With over seventy-five percent of baby boomers reporting they will continue to work passed traditional retirement age, there is an opportunity to redefine the concept of retirement. [Read more...]

How to Write a Strong Accomplishment Statement

Resume TipsYesterday, I  introduced the importance of accomplishment statements in a current resume. Today, I’m going to show you examples of accomplishment statements and how to improve them.

A good accomplishment statement should include what you did-your specific actions and the results of those actions. Depending on paper space, it can also include the challenge or problem that initiated the accomplishment.

Below is an example of an accomplishment and how it was improved: [Read more...]

Does Your Resume Include Your Accomplishment Statements?

Accomplishment CARSOne of the things that is interesting about getting older is looking at the various trajectories we’ve taken to arrive at where we are today. This includes work, where we live and relationships.

As I prepare to volunteer at my local library tonight doing resume reviews, I have to chuckle that I started on this particular path over thirty years ago. My husband and I had sold our business in NW Colorado and wanted to move out of the area. He had gone straight from high school to the Army (remember the draft and Viet Nam war.) After his Army days, his step father helped him get a job at Coors in Golden where he stayed until he met me ten years later. He’d never needed a resume. I on the other hand, had bounced around to various jobs and consider myself quite proficient in that area. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Public Safety

While most public safety jobs are for younger people, there are a fair amount of opportunities for older people. Public safety jobs often require working at odd times of the day or night. The work may require working in isolated situations. The environment may include dramatic conditions. Often the pay is minimal. With that said, age is often considered asset in some public safety jobs. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Hospitality: Gaming

Retired people have a reputation of enjoying gambling and gaming. In addition to recreation, there are also retirement jobs in the industry. As local governments have looked for creative ways of raise revenue without directly increasing taxes, gambling has become more popular. Gambling facilities are usually connected with Native American Reservations or Tourist Enterprises. Not everyone lives close to a casino, although that has changed significantly over the last twenty years. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Administration

If you are looking for retirement work, consider a job in administration.

If you have excellent computer skills, good with detail and organized, there is retirement work in administration. Many administration  jobs have been lost over the last twenty years with the advent of the personal computer. Likewise, the computer has given rise to many more tasks than ever before. [Read more...]

Are Your Ready for the World Of Nonprofits After Retiring?

Volunteer for a nonprofit

In many ways, the organizational structure of a nonprofit is similar to a for profit business. According to Shelly Cryer, author of The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to Land a Job that Makes a Difference, all nonprofits have a similar structure. (If you are serious about working for a nonprofit, this is the best book on the market.) [Read more...]