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Cathy Severson, Phoenix, AZ Retirement Coach (6)What’s the secret to a fulfilling retirement?

While having money is certainly a factor, as is good health, money and health alone will not guarantee a happy and fulfilling retirement.

“Perhaps the most important change taking place in the U.S. today is the realization that fulfilling years in mid and later life don’t just happen. To be successful with a life transition requires thoughtful introspection and careful planning.”-Ron Manheimer, executive director of the N.C. Center for Creative Retirement, University of North Carolina-Asheville

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Now that you’re retiring,

What are you going to do when you grow up?

Retirement is no longer a time to just take it easy. 

But, one of the biggest challenges of retirement is how are you going to spend 24 hours day 7 days a week for the next 10, 20 or maybe 30 years.

The Guide to Retirement Activities was created with you in mind.  Organized into 6 personality types, and 26 activity clusters (with over 125 links to additional articles), you can get ideas and inspiration of things to do for work, starting a business, leisure, volunteering and learning.

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What others say about the The Guide to Retirement Activities

“Wow.  What a terrific resource!  Thank you so much for sending--I'm very touched by your generosity (and impressed w/your work).”

Steven Pantell, Ph.D. Counselor/Articulation Officer

“I loved your ebook! I liked the way the Activities - Satisfaction section was designed. It was very clear and well thought out.”

Linda-Ann Stewart, Hypnotherapist, Author and Speaker

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Introducing the Retirement Life/Map

The two most important questions a human being asks in his/her life are:

Retirement MapWho Am I?

Why Am I here?

Using the acclaimed, VISTa Life/Career Cards, you are transported into a holistic experience that dazzles the senses, appeals to the heart, challenges the intellect, yet maintains relevancy in your life.  Through that process you answer the BIG life questions in a fun, interactive and profound way.

What others say about the process and Retirement Life/Map:

“This was a very empowering experience, because it helped me to identify my strengths. We worked together as a team to identify the area of interest which I now intend to pursue for my new life.”
Mark G, retired entrepreneur

“Simple, fun, easy enough…but in the simple process a picture is formed.”
Linda B., client, career-counselor

“I just finished. It was sooooooooo emotionally moving. But of course I should have known it all. It was so amazing to see it visually.”
Elaine L., client-artist and owns business as a bookkeeper

“I have spent a great deal of time, over the last 25 years, researching what I wanted to “be.” I have talked with a career counselor, done aptitude tests, attended lectures, and read all the books. When I sat down with the Vista cards, I hadn’t anticipated any revelations At the end, I had a completely new understanding of my own abilities and desires! I feel as if I have reclaimed a lost part of myself. I know myself now, better than ever before, and am thrilled and grateful for the knowledge.”
Christa K., College Administrator

“Using the Vista Cards was an energizing, illuminating experience. In less than two hours, I was able to define the skills I enjoy using, discover hobbies and other interests I would like to pursue, and focus on the values that are most important to me. A brief session with these cards taught me more than many hours of working with self-help books. I came away with a better understanding of who I am, and the goals I would like to pursue.”
Arlyn S, client

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