Are You a Locomotive Stuck in the Station?

Retirement travelYou’ve heard the law of physics that states an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. My favorite metaphor for this law is the locomotive. If you’re reading this, you probably remember the Silver Streak movie of the 1976 with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. In a climatic final scene, the train Silver Streak barrels down the tracks crashing into the Los Angeles terminal. Put a 4X4 piece of wood under one wheel of a stationary train and it’s not going anywhere.

If you’ve ever felt stuck, you know it can be excruciating to start to build momentum. If your perception of retirement is only of relaxation and taking it easy, it can be even more difficult.

There are three ways to start building momentum for your life.

VISION: Establish a vision in your new retirement. Select a goal that inspires and energizes you and that is worthy of your energy, time and effort. It may push you out of your comfort zone. With age, activities need nurturing like a fine wine. Make sure it is something you can be passionate about.

SUPPORT: If you try to fulfill your dreams all by yourself, you’ll get stuck and lose momentum. Get empowerment from people, not projects. Find support at senior organizations. Talk about your ideas and problems while setting challenging, measurable, achievable goals. Contributing to the dreams of others will enhance your own experience. Minimally, find one or two other partners whom you meet, even by phone once a month or more. You’ll find these described in the classic “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. He calls it your Mastermind Group.

PLAN: Without a plan, you’ll ride a roller coaster of momentum feast or famine. Plans may be fluid as you experiment with your new life. What kinds of activities will you do every month? Start with small baby steps where you can feel a sense of accomplishment.

The idea of building momentum isn’t to fill time for the sake of finding something to do. After an adulthood of working and raising a family, this is your opportunity to find meaning and fulfillment. Doing should be an expression of your being.

As a counselor and a coach, that’s where I excel. I help people tap into their inner most essence to claim their purpose and then help them to develop a plan to manifest it in their activities. Are you ready to use your transition into retirement to make big changes in your life? It’s August and many people are on vacation. I have a few openings. I have a special package just for this month that includes three coaching sessions, the VISTa Life/Career Cards and workbook for $250.00. Separately, that would cost $475.00. PLUS, you get a introductory 30 minute call where we decide if this is right for you.



  1. Great post, and great offer Cathy! On a side note: My Aunt recently told me something that she heard that was a good reminder to me to stay active, and in motion: “Motion is lotion”…simple, yet eye-opening at the same time, especially for someone dealing with arthritis, etc…

    I suppose the statement could be applied here as well…your train will run along much smother if it is oiled and run regularly ;)


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