Retirement Travel Discovery of Modernista Architects of Barcelona

One of the most fascinating aspects about traveling to Barcelona is the unique architecture of the Catalan Modernism at the turn of the twentieth century led by Antoni Gaudi. This short video is of Casa Batllo, built between 1904-1906.

Loosely modeled from a dragon, the building is void of any straight lines. Everything is organic in shape, with curves spiraling this way and that. What struck me as we toured the house was not only the creativity and vision of the architect, but the skilled craftsmen necessary to manifest his ideas.

The house is alive with wood, iron, tile, glass, ceramics, brick,and sandstone that required unique and specialized knowledge for that day, both in terms of it’s beauty, but also practicality. Not only did Gaudi need a benefactor to pay for his ideas, but an army of trained artisans to bring it to life.

As you watch this brief video, image the environment that allowed this dream to become a reality and all the people working together to forge a new direction.



  1. b+ says:

    I have loved watching the shows about the Gaudi cathedral that are on TV recently. We have never been to Barcelona but maybe one day. Spain is one of my favorite travel spots.


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