“Retirement is no longer an event, but a process where we shift from the rules and roles of society to creating and living a renewed vision of our own making.”

If you feel stuck, frightened or overwhelmed by the thought of retirement, coaching can help you.

Through our coaching sessions, you will learn:

• What to do after retirement

• To reconnect to your passions and values. These become the building blocks to create your future.

• How to craft a new vision for you life.

• Learn how to harness your new freedom with revolutionary tools and strategies. The #1 thing most people want out of the retirement is FREEDOM to do what they want, when they want. The #1 thing that destroys retirement is not having any structure to your day.

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What others say about Cathy as a coach:

“Cathy. . . you have the ability to not only build a better mouse trap, but also to create a better mouse.”  MG

“You are a great and wonderful counselor. I have learned a lot about myself from you. I wish you were here six years ago.”  DP

“Thanks for all the help and guidance. You’ve been like a road map. First, I was lost, then you told me where I was, now you’re helping me plan the route to the next place.” Pat W.

“Working with Cathy, a career/life coach, as opposed to a therapist, I received practical tools, structure and support for reflection and process. These tools were invaluable and Cathy gave them at just the appropriate time.” Linda B. (counselor)

“I wanted to write to you to say thank you. The period of time you spent with me over Senior Business Man Working after Retirement in Phoenixthe telephone a couple of years back made a huge difference in my life. You asked me a profound question: who are you? Honestly, I still don’t know the answer, but as a process of uncovering the answer, I’ve learned a lot about what I am not. And I owe you a big thank you for leading me down this path.” Phil N. (executive)



Cathy’s dynamic presentations are loaded with simple tips that can help you start today to live a more fulfilling life. Her passion captivates and motivates you. Her programs are filled with humor, stories, and audience participation. Cathy is a available to deliver keynotes, workshops and multiple day retreats.

What attendees say about Cathy’s presentations:

“I have gotten nothing but positive feedback from all my clients who have attended. . . They are impressed to learn things about themselves they never knew, how to stay focused on their goals, and among other things, stay motivated.”  Mimi K.

“I do want to thank you so much for your work with our retirement group–your careful planning, encouragement and no-nonsense style was just what I needed. It has helped me move toward retirement with a feeling of purpose and less dread.” Linnea B. (retired teacher)

“You created an environment to lift me to a new plane of thoughts, words and actions. The fog has lifted; I am on my way to a new and exciting journey.” Carol R. (retired escrow officer)

“Cathy has put on a fabulous hands-on workshop. I walked out with tools I could immediately use to actualize my dream. It’s a workshop that we all need as we advance into third age.” Cheri M. (marriage and family therapist)

“I am so grateful for the workshop and all of your efforts. You have a down to earth delivery and create a very comfortable and safe environment. The workshop and its information were meticulously researched and in combination with your expertise and delivery —unbeatable. I have a much better understanding of how we handle this transitional period, the commitment to remain engaged in living affects how gracefully we age.” Allyson B. (author on healthy aging)

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