Personal Coaching


Is coaching for you?

Many of my clients share the same characteristics. They are committed to their own Retirement Coach Cathy Severson resides in Prescott, AZpersonal growth, as well as living life with passion and commitment. If any of these characteristics describe you, but you don’t know how to achieve it, coaching may be for you:

You have a deep desire for meaning in your life – You have been successful in your work and family and you want that same sense of success in retirement. This doesn’t mean jut filling hours, but being engaged in activities that are fun, as well as productive.

You are willing to try something new – You already know that doing it “your way” hasn’t worked so well. You are willing to try a new way, not “my” way, but a “different” way and see what happens.

You are willing to commit to the process – You know there is no “quick fix.” You are willing to take the time and explore options as you create new opportunities for finding meaning in your life. You recognize that sometimes things feel worse before they feel better. Setbacks don’t faze you. You don’t give up.

You want to have fun along the way – Working on your life is serious work, deep work, hard work. You are willing to experiment with your life. You understand that the answers won’t come instantaneously, but you’re committed to the journey.

You want results – You are consistent in applying yourself towards improving your life. You’re not looking for the easy answers, but ones that will bring you a deep sense of purpose. You continue to do “whatever it takes.”

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Coaching for Couples

There is a spike in the divorce rate after retirement as couples no longer hide behind Senior Couple Happy in their Retirement in Phoenixwork and family. While not couples counseling, participating in the coaching and completing the Retirement Life/Map provides and opportunity for couples to reconnect and successfully transition together into retirement.

A special note to wives

Many women look forward to retirement with their husbands. If you are with a man who was also married to his job, do you look forward to retirement as a time to be together, to do things and enjoy each other?

Women are disillusioned with their experience of husbands at home 24/7. Often the husband isolates, not wanting to share in togetherness. Many powerful men feel it’s their responsibility to manage their home and wife the way they did their companies. Instead of being a new time together, many couples are confronted with issues they aren’t prepared to deal with.

If you’re disappointed in your marriage after retirement, the gift of Retirement Coaching completing The Retirement LifeMap  may provide the information you need to rekindle your marriage and retirement experience. The process will provide insight and clarity about what is important to as individuals and a couple. You engage in a safe and constructive conversation about how to forge a future that is fulfilling and meaningful for both of you.

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