Speaking about a Successful Retirement Transition

Speaker Cathy Severson, Phoenix, AZ Retirement Coach (4)

Cathy delivers her timely message with passion, energy and humor that transforms the way audiences view retirement and aging.

Cathy’s interest comes from her own struggle and commitment to live life “on purpose.” She now empowers others to live from the inside out, with passion and purpose.

Keynote and Workshop Topics

Through the Golden Arch: Finding Passion and Purpose in Retirement A successful retirement is not about having a plan, but engaging in life planning. Choose from 12 modules for programs ranging from 30 minutes to 16 hours as we redefine life after 50.

How to Survive a Retired Husband This humorous talk discusses the serious changes that couples undergo when one or both transition into retirement.

Can a Cup of Coffee Derail Your Retirement Dreams? The #1 thing most people desire when retired is FREEDOM to do what they want, when they want. The #1 thing that destroys retirement is not having any structure to your day. Learn how to harness your new freedom with revolutionary tools and strategies.

How Not to Lose All Your Retirement Savings Starting a BusinessStarting a business in retirement is a great way to generate income and fulfill a passion, but NOT if you use your 401K to get it started. We’ll discuss what kinds of businesses make sense in retirement and how to start the process.

Reinventing Retirement This talk is geared towards professionals who work with retirement-age baby boomers. We’ll discuss the psychological and emotion issues that confront the retiring individual and couple, as well as the benchmarks for successful aging.

(Additional topics available to meet the needs of your group.)

For workshops and retreats lasting from a couple of hours to a weekend, Cathy empowers others to live their dreams.  Filled with activities and discussion, Cathy provides a safe environment for people to explore who they are, what they want and how to move forward.

If your organization is interested in having Cathy as a speaker, workshop or retreat facilitator, please contact Cathy here or call  928.775.4949 for a free consultation.