Keep it Simple in Making Retirement Goals

Keep Retirement Goals SimpleI’m a big proponent of looking at all aspects of your life and making effort to establish retirement goals before, during and after the transition. It’s an important part of my coaching people in transition..

Recently, I was talking to a friend who is in the process of retiring from her second career. She has kept her retirement goals simple and concise. She wants to have time to read, enjoy girl friends and keep physically fit. She lost 20 lbs in the last year, all through being and active and wants to keep that up.

Normally, when we think of goals, we think of them as an endpoint. Taking a trip to Europe is a goal that one decides to make. Once you decide you want to travel to Europe, you would research where you want to go and what you want to do. Then you would make all the necessary reservations. Ultimately, you would pack and go on your trip. When it was done, you would have the photos and memories of the event. The goal is out there and you take the necessary steps to bring it into reality.

There are other types of retirement goals you can make. We will refer to these as lifestyle or successful living goals. These goals have more to do with how you’re going to live your daily life. What do you need to in your life to have a sense of satisfaction? These are the ongoing activities that you bring into your life. Successful living goals include ongoing activities that give your life a sense of meaning and enjoyment.

For me, nurturing my internal artist is an important lifestyle goal. Not only does that include actually making art, but also being inspired about nature or the art of others. Another successful living goal is nurturing my relationships. First is nurturing me, which I don’t always do well. Second, is nurturing my marriage and then the other family and friends I care about.

Once you have identified your lifestyle goals, then you can build into your daily, weekly and monthly routines, specific activities you want to engage to meet them. Therefore, you don’t want to have too many. I would recommend three as a place to start and then you can add more if you have time and desire.

Retirement isn’t an endgame. You will want to review both your long term and lifestyle goals periodically to see if they still fit. If you aren’t naturally drawn to engaging in activities that support your lifestyle goals, you’ll want to ask yourself why. You may get tired of some goals and decide to replace them with new ones. It can be a journey just to discover your successful living goals.  Having lifestyle goals can be an important component of a satisfying retirement.

Do you have lifestyle goals?  What are they?  How do they help shape your life.



  1. Annie says:

    Great blog! It hit the spot for me.

  2. Theresa says:

    I agree, keep it simple and focused, understand the end goal. Thanks for sharing.

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