Start a Business in Personal Services: Caring for People or Property

Caring for People
There are many retirement business opportunities to up your caretaking skills to use. Some jobs require training, but most are concerned with a mature person who is patient and compassionate. Since there is a wide range of people who need caretaking, consider what would be the best fit for you.

Personal and Home care aides, Home Health Aides and personal care assistant-
There are many elderly or disabled people who don’t require being ‘institutionalized’ but do need assistance. Aides help with daily living activities, companionship and transportation. Aides may also engage in non care activities, such as housekeeping, cleaning and laundry. Aides work with only one client, multiple clients or provide vacation relief for family caretakers. Since aides work in the clients’ home, there are few start-up costs, other than getting the word out about your business. Make sure to get recommendations for satisfied clients and their families.

In addition to caring for the elderly and disabled, there are opportunities to work with children as a nanny, babysitter or childcare worker. Some nannies are live-in, but not all. Nannies can provide many services as agreed upon with the parents. Some duties may include meal, recreation, and transportation of the charges. Reputable nannies are concerned with nurturing, discipline, emotional and intellectually stimulation of youngsters.

Doula’s provide non-medical and not midwifery support to pregnant women. Doula’s are coaches who support women with information and reassurance through the birth of the child.

Caring for Property
House sitting may involve checking on a home while people are away. This may involve watering plants, and taking in mail. It there is a problem, the house sitter will resolve and notify the owners. House sitting my take place in your local community or you may opt to look for opportunities around the world. The website provides listings.

Other house sitters stay in the home while the owners are away. This is usually for an extended stay of a week or more. Once again, it would involve maintaining the home. Some house sitters are also pet sitters. There are house sitters who are able to stay in exotic homes around the world without having to maintain a home of their own. Caretakers may live on the grounds of a home on a permanent basis to maintain it whether the owners are there are not. Check out to learn more about being a caretaker.

Has baby boomers look for creative ways to travel, many are opting to house swap. While some may use the Internet, there is an opportunity to start a business as a house swapping coordinator. One example would be to coordinate house swaps between members of a congregation church around the country or the world.

Most of the care taking businesses don’t require a lot of start-up money. Take the time to consult an attorney to make sure you have the necessary contracts to help you from being liable.

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