Retirement Activity Guides: Being Physical

Aging Baby boomers are not slowing down physically as they age. Physical activity continues to be an important part of their lives. Because the majority of baby boomers didn’t work in back breaking jobs like their parents, the shape of their bodies is based on choice more than the deterioration from working on farms or factories. While it’s true baby boomers have overindulged and suffer from the affects with obesity and the corresponding ailments, everyday more people are embracing a healthier lifestyle. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Personal Services

Personal services involves catering to the needs, tastes and desires of others. Personal services is divided into five clusters: personal appearance, healing arts, well being, hospitality and personal/property caretaking. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Healthcare

There are two myths about working in traditional healthcare. The first is a career in healthcare requires many years of education. If you want to be a doctor, that is absolutely the case. Medical school is competitive, grueling, and a long process. But, many jobs within the healthcare field require less than a 2-year degree or certification. These are referred to as allied healthcare careers. It is estimated as many as 60 percent of jobs in healthcare are allied. [Read more...]