Leisure Retirement Activities with Trains

Baby boomers were born during the birth of the Interstate road system which inflicted the final nail into the passenger rail travel coffin. But, that doesn’t mean aging baby boomers don’t have a love affair with trains. I can remember when my brother got his model railroad, as did many young boys growing up in the fifties and sixties.

In fact, model railroading continues to be a very popular retirement hobby. [Read more...]

Living Arrangements for Older Singles

You’ve heard the saying that nothing is certain in this world except death and taxes. While that may be true, if you’re a woman, chances are good you’re going to spend some of your older years as a single.

One thing nice about aging baby boomers is even if you’re single, that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Being Physical

Aging Baby boomers are not slowing down physically as they age. Physical activity continues to be an important part of their lives. Because the majority of baby boomers didn’t work in back breaking jobs like their parents, the shape of their bodies is based on choice more than the deterioration from working on farms or factories. While it’s true baby boomers have overindulged and suffer from the affects with obesity and the corresponding ailments, everyday more people are embracing a healthier lifestyle. [Read more...]

Starting a Business in Retirement

With the expanded lifespan and limited financial resources, many aging baby boomers are starting a retirement business. While not for everyone, having your own business can provide a nice outlet as you get older. Depending on how much money is invested and how much is needed to supplement existing income, a part time retirement business can be a wonderful way to stay active. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Personal Services

Personal services involves catering to the needs, tastes and desires of others. Personal services is divided into five clusters: personal appearance, healing arts, well being, hospitality and personal/property caretaking. [Read more...]

Does Your Bucket List Include “Travel Overseas?”

This may not come as a complete surprise to you, but as baby boomers begin to retire, one of the top things on the to-do list is travel, according to new research. Baby boomers are more likely to travel than other adults, both in and out of the United States. There isn’t any indication this trend will change soon.

Travel has been one of my top priorities for as long as I can remember. Most of our travel was in the US. In fact, my husband was reluctant to travel outside the United States until a travel agent suggested we might like Jamaica, mon. We had a wonderful trip, staying in an old fort that was converted to a small inn. [Read more...]

Where are Baby Boomers in Overseas Travel?

Since the early 1990’s my husband and I have travelled the world. We’re surprised at how few fellow Americans we encounter. When we do see American travelers, they tend to be either in their twenties or older than 70. With 77 million baby boomers at the beginning of their retirements, why don’t we see them traveling abroad?

[Read more...]

Retirement Volunteer with Spirituality

One of the best books about the role of elder in society is From Age-ing to Sage-ing: A Profound New Vision of Growing Older by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and Ronald S. Miller. They write that elders are the ‘wisdom keepers’ maintaining society’s well-being and safeguard the health of the planet and all the inhabit it. It is the responsibility of elders to transmit a legacy to future generations. One of the ways to do this is to share their life experiences with others. [Read more...]

Retirement Leisure Activities Being Physical

Being physically active is key healthy aging and a happy retirement. The good news, many aging baby boomers are embracing a healthy lifestyle. They want to defy their concept of growing old and physical activity is part of it.

There are a number of reasons why people exercise and pursue physical activity. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Education

One of my favorite elder stories came out of the 2004 tsunami. As most of southern Asia reeled from the effects of the devastation, CBS News ran a story of the Moken, an ancient people who have lived on or near the SE Asian waters for thousands of years. They spend up to seven or eight months of the year living in the water and traveling the coastline of Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia. On December 26, a clan of Moken living on the beaches in Thailand noticed the water recede into the distance. The elders, who understood the signs, warned the people to move to higher ground. [Read more...]