Leisure Activities With Plants

After World War II, my parents rented a basement apartment from a retired Colorado Supreme Court justice and his wife. They became friends and I can remember visiting them as a young child. We would usually go to their house in the evening and Judge Alter (as I called him) would come into the living room wearing full bib overalls after a day of working in his vegetable garden. His passion was raising strawberries and I can remember being amazed at how the small white blossom would transform into a luscious ruby red fruit.

Whether you are content with a small herb garden on the kitchen windowsill or have elaborate acreage in the back forty, raising plants and gardening has always been one of the most popular leisure activities in retirement. [Read more...]

Gardening to Celebrate Earth Day

Gardening is the number one leisure activity for retired seniors. Especially, for people who worked in an office, being outside, enjoying nature is a great benefit of gardening. Hoping to reduce food costs is an additional gain. Organic gardening allows you to grow food you know is healthy. [Read more...]

Learning About Plants

Ever since the transition from hunter/gatherer, the human species has been learning about plants, and how to cultivate them. Even if you don’t believe you have a green thumb, you can start growing plants without a lot of knowledge. Depending on your need and desires, there is an almost unlimited amount of resources to expand your knowledge of plants and gardening. [Read more...]