Is Happiness a Choice as We Get Older?

Celebration of getting older_I was talking to my best friend from high school this weekend and we were discussing getting older. The fervent wish we both shared was not be to be grumpy old people. The question arises as the whether or not happiness is a choice or are we victims of our own attitudes? Can you choose to be happy and how do you do that when life ain’t always grand? [Read more...]

Dealing with Grief and Loss

Retirement Travel to Dominican RepublicI had intended to write more about our trip to the Dominican Republic. I may write further about it later on. This blog is about loss. I’m always intrigued by how the universe likes to teach lessons.

On of the interesting things about getting older are fat fingers. Several years ago, I couldn’t remove my wedding ring, had it cut off and enlarged. The ring consisted of three diamonds. With the new sizing, it flopped to the side when I typed, which I do all day long. So, I stopped wearing it, except when we go on vacation. [Read more...]

Is Positive Aging an Oxymoron?

shutterstock_73623601 An oxymoron combines contradictory terms, such as, almost exactly, bitter sweet, and positive aging. When I told friends and colleagues I’d been selected to present at the Conference for Positive Aging in Los Angeles recently, the most common reaction was, “What’s positive about aging?”

At first glance, these reactions make sense. While we may be able to ignore it earlier in life, we all know what is at the end of the aging process. But, there is much more to aging than just sitting around waiting to die. There is more to aging than disease and decline. This is true even if our bodies and minds aren’t as youthful as we would like. [Read more...]

Lack of Self-Confidence can Derail Your Retirement

cat_mirror_lion Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence can be debilitating at any age. Getting older rarely helps the situation. While most people are forced to function in the world by working, retirement provides an opportunity to retreat and become isolated.

Recently, I met an attractive woman who needed help with her resume. She was very reserved and it was clear she was nervous just speaking to me. As our conversation progressed, I learned she was well educated, and articulate. The only thing that is holding her back is her lack of confidence. [Read more...]