Can a Life Coach Help You Create a Happy Retirement?

Retirement transition succesThe general consensus is the retirement transition will take care of itself. For some people it does. If you are already involved in many different activities, an active family, and strong social network, retirement can magically unfold. For many people, retirement is a significant adjustment. Social connections are loss, as well as structure, a sense of importance and meaning. Ironically, the more successful you were in your working life, the more apt you are to struggle in retirement.

When we’re twenty, there is a sense of do-over if you don’t get it right. The older we get, the harder it is to start over. Hiring a life coach through this process can be an invaluable tool. As your coach, I will deliver the following based on your need and desires. [Read more...]

What are Your Goals for a Happy Retirement?

It is not so important that you have a retirement plan, as it is you engage in the process of planning. One of the many mistakes people make is thinking that a happy retirement will automatically happen.

If you think back over your life, you had to plan and prepare. That doesn’t change in retirement. While the focus may shift, you still need to think about what your want and how you’re going to get it. [Read more...]

Are You Feeling Stuck Creating a Happy Retirement?

FeeFeeling Stuck Happy Retirement

The retirement transition is often difficult. Many people feel stuck, often isolated and unable to move to the happy retirement they desire.

This is a message I received yesterday from J:

“I retired about 3 yrs ago and have gone through hobbies and other endeavors trying to find something that fits. Right now I play golf and motorcycle ride regularly, have a small garden and teach computer classes. I still feel like something’s missing. [Read more...]

Retail Sales Remains a Great Way to Earn Retirement Income

Start a retirement businessIf you want or need to earn additional retirement income, getting a job at local store continues to be the number one work for retired people. It fits a number of criteria that retired people require, is reasonably easy to secure and suffers from less discrimination than other occupations. [Read more...]