Retirement Activity Guides: Healthcare and Medical

working in retirement: Traditional HealthcareThe Healthcare and Medical Industry provides many opportunities for both work and volunteering. Many new retirees don’t realize how many different types of work in healthcare that don’t require advanced degrees. You’ll want to research the programs, as well as the job prospects before investing valuable time and money. Another component of healthcare work that many people are not aware is not all medical jobs require you to work with patients. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Healthcare: Work with Equipment

Not all jobs in healthcare require working with patients. With an explosion in diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, there is a demand for people who can install, maintain and repair it.

The jobs below are hand-on working with equipment, requiring good hand/eye coordination, problems solving skills. These jobs are done inside in clean or sterile environments. They may require standing or lifting equipment. Most of these jobs are done during the day, although, there may be on-call or shift work. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Healthcare: Work with Patients

There are a wide range of occupations that provide hands-on assistance and treatment to patients. In addition to knowledge required for their specialty, these jobs require special people skills. Working with people who are ill or needing medical treatment requires tact, compassion and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities. [Read more...]

Retirement Work in Healthcare

There are two myths about working in traditional healthcare. The first is a career in healthcare requires many years of education. If you want to be a doctor, that is absolutely the case. Medical school is competitive, grueling, and a long process. But, many jobs within the healthcare field require less than a 2-year degree or certification. These are referred to as allied healthcare careers. It is estimated as many as 60 percent of jobs in healthcare are allied. [Read more...]