Should I Get My Jeep Dirty?

Northern Arizona is jeep country and home of many new retirees, aging baby boomers looking for fun and adventure.

There are miles of dirt and rock road traversing the high desert. Our new friends recently moved here from Indiana. It was natural for them to trade their corvette for a brand new red jeep.

The problem with jeeping is it can be hard on jeeps. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Healthcare and Medical

working in retirement: Traditional HealthcareThe Healthcare and Medical Industry provides many opportunities for both work and volunteering. Many new retirees don’t realize how many different types of work in healthcare that don’t require advanced degrees. You’ll want to research the programs, as well as the job prospects before investing valuable time and money. Another component of healthcare work that many people are not aware is not all medical jobs require you to work with patients. [Read more...]

Do You Know Your Anchors for Retirement Happiness?

You’ve worked hard your entire life. You’ve raised a family. In spite of being told you part of a selfish, indulgent generation, you’ve tried to live a good life. Now you’re thinking about the retirement transition. It may be a couple of years off, or has already happened.

You’ve been told that it’s your time. NOW! If you’re like most people, you have the first few months planned. You probably have a trip or two scheduled. There are projects you’ve put on hold until you had more time.

After that, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? [Read more...]

Meetup to Stay Connected and Engaged in Retirement

Meetup for Fun Retirement ActivitiesI attended my first Meetup group last weekend. Just in case you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years and don’t know what meet-ups are, I’ll explain.

Meetup is a product of the technology age. Old by tech standards, Meetup was started in 2001 as a way for people to band together around a shared interest or activity. Meetup got its first boost as a way for political candidates to organize rallies. Since then, meetups have evolved for a multitude of  interests.

It is simple use and a perfect way for new retirees to explore activities and meet people with shared interests. Get started by going to Because meetup is programmed by location, you enter your location and how many miles you’re willing to travel to meet a group. Automatically, all the meetup groups within your geographical parameters will appear. [Read more...]

Saying Good-bye to a Retirement Goal

In the quest to to figure out what to do in retirement, new retirees take on projects they don’t want to complete.

My husband decided he wanted to build a plane during retirement. This is a huge undertaking that most people wouldn’t think of tackling. I knew that he enjoyed big projects that required complexity, and precision. I also knew he likes projects other people would find daunting. [Read more...]

Taking Risks For Aging Baby Boomers

We all know the stereotypes about aging. Things were always better forty years ago. Seniors don’t like change. To a certain degree, I agree. Well, not about things being better forty years ago. But, that’s a topic for a different article.

I do think as we get older, it’s harder to take risks. [Read more...]

A Retirement Purpose for the Future

With the primary career over, children raised, many aging baby boomers lament, “What am I going to do now that I’m all grown up?

If you’re used to the structure of going to a job, then filling twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, fifty-two weeks a year can become overwhelming. Although new retirees look forward to the freedom and change of pace, wouldn’t be nice to have a blueprint that would guide you into a happy retirement?

Jeff accepted an early retirement when his company was purchased by a large conglomerate. [Read more...]

Introducing the Retirement Activity Guide

One of the tragic mistakes financial experts and people near retirement make is assuming the life portion will take care of itself. When talking to new retirees, they often talk about the books they want to read, closets to clean and trips to take. All of these are wonderful activities, but won’t fill a potential thirty years. [Read more...]