Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Aging Boomers

Baby boomers are the most educated group to have ever lived. We arrived in a post World War II era of growth that supported a great education for everyone. For the first time, children weren’t required to leave school to help support the family.

Learning as been part of the boomer experience into adulthood and now in seniorhood. Many people over 50 are returning to school to update skills for better employment.

Lifelong learning encompasses much more than getting a better job. [Read more...]

High Divorce Rate For Retirement-Age Boomers

Yesterday I wrote about the difficulty retirement can bring to a relationship. Well today, I read an article with some interesting statistics. It seems that retirement-age baby boomers are divorcing at a rate twice that of their counterparts in 1990.

Surprisingly enough, researchers haven’t studied this area assuming that being single in elderhood was the result of death, not divorce. According to the recent research, less than 10% of divorces involved someone over 50 in 1990. Now, as many as one fourth of divorces involve someone older.

Baby boomers may have different expectations about marriage than those either before or after them. [Read more...]

Working in Retirement: New Reality for Boomers Over 50

Working in retirement is a new reality for aging baby boomers. The great recession has affected the job situation for many retirement-age people. Actually, employers aren’t as opposed to older people in the workforce as you may have thought.

In a survey of 1000 HR directors in 2011, companies are aware of the loss of talent they face as baby boomers retire. Fearing a loss of knowledge and skills, more than half of the employers are going to keep their older workers through part-time employment or as consultants. [Read more...]