Is Positive Aging an Oxymoron?

shutterstock_73623601 An oxymoron combines contradictory terms, such as, almost exactly, bitter sweet, and positive aging. When I told friends and colleagues I’d been selected to present at the Conference for Positive Aging in Los Angeles recently, the most common reaction was, “What’s positive about aging?”

At first glance, these reactions make sense. While we may be able to ignore it earlier in life, we all know what is at the end of the aging process. But, there is much more to aging than just sitting around waiting to die. There is more to aging than disease and decline. This is true even if our bodies and minds aren’t as youthful as we would like. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will Appear

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will AppearThis is the fourth video in the series about positive aging. While aging baby boomers are looking for activities for their retirement purpose, the quest for fulfillment is as much in the ‘be’ing and stillness of life as it is in the ‘do’ing and activities of growing older. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging: Speak Your Truth

Tips for positive agingThis is the third in a series about positive aging. So much of this blog is about retirement activities. Which is certainly important, but I don’t you want to miss there great meaning of growing old, which is about being who we are.

The first lesson in this short video is about speaking your truth at all times. It is often a challenge to speak our truth. We don’t want to offend other or say the ‘wrong’ thing. But an even bigger obstacle is know what our truth is. Often we have been focused on the roles we’ve played and don’t know who were are and what we believe. As you watch the video, take a moment to ask, “What is my truth?” You may be surprised by the answer. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging-Acceptance

Positive Aging for Retirement TransitionThis is the second in a series about positive aging.  Most of us think of aging as a negative with decline, death and disease as the only thing to look forward to.  If you get beyond just focusing on the body, there are many wondrous changes that can occur.  These little videos are my interpretation of what positive aging is all about.

I would love your opinions both for and against these ideas of positive aging. [Read more...]

How Aging Baby Boomers View the Aged

I’ve heard it said, mostly by men I know that if they became infirmed, they “blow their brains out.” Therefore, I was especially intrigued when reading Gerotranscendence: A Developmental Theory of Positive Aging by Lars Tornstam and came upon the following statement, “White, western, middle-class, middle-life society has, since the Reformation, been characterized by an overwhelmingly strong performance orientation. Productivity, effectiveness and independence are prestige words.” [Read more...]