What Are You Tolerating in Your Retirement Life?

what we tolerate sucks energy from our retirement timeWhat are you tolerating in your life? For quite some time, I’ve been amazed at what the human species is willing to endure. Many parts of the planet are inhospitable at best and yet people live in the coldest cold, or extreme humidity and heat, places that lack good water, food or shelter. On a more personal level, there are spouses who endure abuse, employees who will accept horrible conditions often for little reward. Yes, I realize many don’t have choices or belief they have options. As societies and cultures, it is phenomenal what humans tolerate.

It’s interesting to take a moment and look at what you are tolerating in your own life. Why’s is this important? Because, tolerating the little things can suck the energy right out of you. When your energy is low, you’re less effective and life is less enjoyable. Period. [Read more...]

Tips for Positive Aging-Acceptance

Positive Aging for Retirement TransitionThis is the second in a series about positive aging.  Most of us think of aging as a negative with decline, death and disease as the only thing to look forward to.  If you get beyond just focusing on the body, there are many wondrous changes that can occur.  These little videos are my interpretation of what positive aging is all about.

I would love your opinions both for and against these ideas of positive aging. [Read more...]

Search And Rescue Volunteers Save Lives

Search and Rescue Ssnior Volunteers2You’ve seen them on television when there is a lost child. Often times large numbers of volunteers fan out over an area looking for clues or trace of piece of clothing or missing shoe, ultimately hoping to find the missing person alive and well.

Shortly after we moved to Prescott, my husband bought a jeep and joined the jeeping club. On his first outing, he was befriend by another retiree who recommended he join the local sheriff’s department response team or search and rescue squad.

These aren’t a band of untrained citizens that appear when there is a cry for help, but a well-organized, highly trained group of volunteers who are committed to serving their local community. [Read more...]

Prescott – The Arizona Christmas Town

Prescott Arizona Courthouse lightsEvery town and city has its holiday celebrations. Prescott, Arizona has taken the holiday celebrations to a whole new level. I literally create a calendar of events just to fit everything in between Thanksgiving and New Years. One of my favorite events to do for the whole year occurs during the holidays.

This series is focused on our decision to make Prescott our retirement home. I’ll be the first to promote Prescott as the ideal retirement community. In addition to telling you why I like Prescott, I want to also give you an idea of things to look for in any community you might be considering as your home for retirement.

Here is a brief list of events that occur during the holidays in the Quad Cities surrounding Prescott. Keep in mind this doesn’t include any church or private affairs. [Read more...]

Selecting a Retirement Location

PrescottIt might seem strange to say that I enjoyed a sense of community in Southern California. Most people think of it as a sprawling suburb. We lived in the Conejo Valley that consisted of three towns with a total population of around 250, 000 people in Ventura County, five miles north of the Los Angeles County line.

I wanted a sense of community in our new retirement home. I didn’t want to feel like I was living in a suburb. It needed to be big enough to have all the amenities I wanted. On my ‘must have’ list was art and culture, some form of higher education, and diversity in religious organizations.

Climate and weather was important to both of us. I loved the mild climate in Southern California. Neither one of us wanted extreme hot or cold or a lot of humidity. We knew we’d compromise on climate from California, but wanted as mild as we could get. [Read more...]