Embracing the Unexpected Enhances Your Travel Experience

Prescott Arizona Couple Enjoy Visit from BearsI’ll be the first to admit, I like a plan when we travel. I’m not very good at setting off in a general direction letting the wind or fate chart the course. In fact, when we went to England and Scotland, I spent literally hours planning where would stay and how to get from one location to the next. I always have a general idea of the things to do once we get someplace, but do allow that to unfold more naturally.

While I like to know where I’m going to sleep every night, I do enjoy some spontaneity during the day. Over the years, I’ve found it’s actually the unexpected that enhances the travel experience. [Read more...]

The Transition for Retired Couples

As I’ve observed friends and clients, the retirement transition can be difficult on couples. Whether long-term marriages or short, a retired couple faces a new way of being together. Problems that were in the marriage, but lay dormant often rear their ugly head needing to be addressed.

In addition to old unresolved issues coming to the surface, often retired couples encounter new challenges. One problem couples face is where to live after retiring. She wants to enjoy the hustle of a glamorous city in a foreign country; he wants to live on farm in this country. She wants to be closer to the grandkids; he wants to live in a retirement community with a great golf course. This can be a serious challenge for a couple to deal with. [Read more...]

The Home Tour In Jerome, Arizona is Always a Delight

View of Verde Valley from JeromeShortly after turning sixteen, I got my drivers license.  Accompanied by a good friend, my first driving adventure was heading into the foothills outside Denver looking for ghost towns. It’s sad to say, but by the mid 1960’s and my sixteenth birthday, most of the mining towns that were born in the late 1800’s had all but vanished. Ravaged by hard winters and souvenir hunters, not much was left of these momentarily thriving communities. [Read more...]