Retired Couples Search for Togetherness and Space

Recently, I was introduced to the work of Michael Longhurst, an Australian psychologist who studied 200 retirees on issues of their adjustment. Not only did he look at the individual, but also couples. As half of a retired couple, I can attest to the challenge. In talking to my friends, they have all agreed the retirement transition puts a strain on a marriage. [Read more...]

Retired Couples: Tips for a Relationship

The retirement transition can be a challenge for married couples.  These newly retired couples are facing an adjustment to retirement individually and as a couple.  These tips may help your marriage when you retire.

Don’t feel you always have to be right. [Read more...]

Retired Couples and Financial Management

Financial management is difficult for all married couples. How does it change for retired couples?

Today was ‘visit the new accountant’ day. It didn’t go exactly as planned.

First, hubby and I were in the car yesterday, when I said, “You remember we’re seeing the accountant tomorrow at 1:00.”

He replied, “I can’t make it. I have another meeting with the homeowners committee.” (He’s on the committee to maintain the community center of our development).

“Well, I’ll go by myself,” I concluded in a slightly pouty tone. [Read more...]