Retirement Activity Guides: Mathematics and Engineering

Mathematiretirement activities with math and sciencecs and engineering uses the higher functions of both the rational and creative mind. While most occupations in mathematics and engineering require higher degrees, there are retirement activities that retirees can engage that use the math mind. In fact, it’s important to keep the same part of the mind active that uses rational and logical thought. Below is a list of skills and abilities that are used for mathematical thinking. These are important to continue to use to keep an aging mind active and fully functioning. [Read more...]

How Do You Motivate Yourself to Get off Your Bump?

Painting ideas for fun things to do in retirementAs a student of motivation most of my adult life, I’ve concluded most people do what they want to do. Except, when they don’t.

I’ll put my own life under the microscope as a case study. Throughout my blogs, I share about my return to art in my late 40’s. It became an important part of my life and something I engaged on a regular basis. [Read more...]

Two Years to Feel at Home in New Retirement Community

Moving to a new retirement community can be quite an adjustment.  In fact, it’s an important aspect of the adjustment to retirement.  While this Prescott couple is happy for the move, it does take time to build a successful retirement lifestyle. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Entertainment

Baby boomers grew up during a ballooning period of entertainment. Seventy-seven million strong, they said, “Entertain me.” Throughout their lifetime, communication and technology and grown and changed to accommodate them.

the retirement years provides an opportunity to not only be entertained, but also be involved in performing and producing entertainment. [Read more...]

Retirement Leisure Activities With Crafts

Traditionally, crafts were based on a handmade process where the resulting work was more functional than aesthetic. Today, most crafters engage because they enjoy the process as much or more as the product. Crafts can be art, and art can be the result of craft.

Many retired men and retired women are engaged in producing crafts. While many crafts can take years to perfect, many can be started with minimal training. The cost of crafting can be inexpensive, but if materials or equipment are costly, it can increase the expense of the hobby. One of the nice things about crafting is most are done in the home, garage or home shop. Crafters will often gather with others who share the passion to work on their crafts, learn from each other or share in the experience. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Animals

The empty nest no longer remains vacant for long as new retirees fill the space with every type of animal. Pets provide a wonderful something. For seniors who are alone, pets can provide a sense of meaning and companionship. If you have a dog you have to walk daily, they help us get physical active. In our community, neighbors meet each other and talk as they walk their dogs (and one cat), so pets facilitate and opportunity to connect with humans also. [Read more...]

Leisure Activities with Communication

One of the greatest pleasures for the new retiree is time to enjoy reading a good book. Having the time to settle down by a winter fire or sitting in the park on a warm summer day to get swept up in a biography or classic novel is joy retirees find that working people don’t have. [Read more...]