The Guide to Retirement Activities Has Arrived

00_RetirementActivities_HorizontalLike most career counselors, I like to categorize work and activities.  We live in a world with so many options, how can people possibly explore them all.  Over the years, there have been numerous models created to assess personalities with corresponding careers or jobs.

In 2003, I created the VISTa Life/Career Cards based on the Holland model of personality and work. It’s a great tool that is used in major US universities and by  professionals around the world.  As a career counselor, I specialized in working with adults helping them find and express this purpose.  It was relatively easy for my to move into retirement life planning or retirement transition planning. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Healthcare and Medical

working in retirement: Traditional HealthcareThe Healthcare and Medical Industry provides many opportunities for both work and volunteering. Many new retirees don’t realize how many different types of work in healthcare that don’t require advanced degrees. You’ll want to research the programs, as well as the job prospects before investing valuable time and money. Another component of healthcare work that many people are not aware is not all medical jobs require you to work with patients. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guide: Start a Business

retirement activities: start a businessDue to increased life expectancy, economic conditions and/or the desire to create something, the retirement transition is taking on a new face as baby boomers start new business. Where the entrepreneurial bug comes from need or dream, seniors are no longer merely resting on laurels, but leading the charge with new enterprises. [Read more...]

Retirement Activity Guides: Management and Leadership

retirement activity guide leadership for eldersOne of the more fascinating and challenging retirement transitions is for individuals who were in management and leadership positions at work. Many a wife has complained that her retired manager husband shifted his immense expertise into dictating to her how she should run her home.

While there are some obvious entrepreneurial and volunteering opportunities for the retired leader, let’s take a minute to explore the bigger implications of this transition. While every retired manager will have his/her unique skills, there are some universal abilities shared by most people in positions of authority. [Read more...]