Start a Business in Communication

While it’s possible to find a part time job, you’ll find most work related to writing and language is freelance and contract. If you’re a good writer, editor or researcher, you can make retirement income from your craft. [Read more...]

Start A Business With Plants

A passion for plants can lead to a nice retirement business. By utilizing space or land you already have, you’re maximizing your home asset to generate income. If you love gardening and raising plants as a hobby already, it’s a great way to get enjoyment, as well as supplement your retirement income. Because many seniors love other activities, plant based businesses are often seasonal, which adds to the appeal. [Read more...]

Is Multi-Level Marketing a Good Way to Earn Retirement Income?

Mult-level marketingIf you’re retirement age, most likely a friend or acquaintance has approached you with the opportunity to get involved in selling a product or line to your friends and neighbors. Most likely this product or company comes under the heading of multi-level, direct, affiliate, network or matrix marketing.

Most people fall into two camps concerning multi-level marketing. They either love it or hate it. [Read more...]

Should Spouses Start a Retirement Business Together?

Starting a business can be a great way to increase retirement income. For a retired couple, a retirement business can provide a way to spend time together. Or maybe not.

Recently, I was talking to a man who felt like his marriage was in trouble and it centered over both he and his wife working together. [Read more...]

Start a Retirement Business With Crafts

Most craft businesses start out of a hobby. For one reason or another, the crafter decides to turn the hobby into a business. It may be a desire to cover the costs of equipment and supplies. It may be because family and friends want to purchase items. It may come from a need to earn additional income. There is now a term called hobbypreneurs to describe these people. [Read more...]

Retirement Work with Transportation

For younger and new retirees, transporting material and/or people can be a wonderful way to earn retirement income. Driving is an area where being more mature is considered an asset. Mature drivers are considered more responsible behind the wheel than younger people. [Read more...]

Retail Sales Remains a Great Way to Earn Retirement Income

Start a retirement businessIf you want or need to earn additional retirement income, getting a job at local store continues to be the number one work for retired people. It fits a number of criteria that retired people require, is reasonably easy to secure and suffers from less discrimination than other occupations. [Read more...]