The Value of Friendships in Retirement

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Tomorrow is the birthday of my good friend, Christa. We came together by accident our sophomore year in high school. The school sponsored a trip to Mesa Verde and I didn’t have someone to sit with. We were arbitrarily put together as seatmates. We’ve been on this life journey together ever since. Our relationship has withstood many changes over the last 47 years. We haven’t even lived close to each other for over 35 years. It’s said if you have 3-4 intimates in your life, you’re lucky. I would say that is true. [Read more...]

What are Your Goals for a Happy Retirement?

It is not so important that you have a retirement plan, as it is you engage in the process of planning. One of the many mistakes people make is thinking that a happy retirement will automatically happen.

If you think back over your life, you had to plan and prepare. That doesn’t change in retirement. While the focus may shift, you still need to think about what your want and how you’re going to get it. [Read more...]

Are You Feeling Stuck Creating a Happy Retirement?

FeeFeeling Stuck Happy Retirement

The retirement transition is often difficult. Many people feel stuck, often isolated and unable to move to the happy retirement they desire.

This is a message I received yesterday from J:

“I retired about 3 yrs ago and have gone through hobbies and other endeavors trying to find something that fits. Right now I play golf and motorcycle ride regularly, have a small garden and teach computer classes. I still feel like something’s missing. [Read more...]

Stillness in Action

There is a Yoga term referred to as stillness in action. In part, it means finding quiet within the craziness of modern life. It can also refer to the tension that arises from these two phenomena. It also is a way of explaining the beginning of the retirement transition.

While we’re programmed to jump right out there into the fray of life replacing the activity of work with one of fun and leisure, there is an opportunity for another approach. Taking the time to slow down and learn to be quiet is uncomfortable for many. [Read more...]