Start a Business in Communication

While it’s possible to find a part time job, you’ll find most work related to writing and language is freelance and contract. If you’re a good writer, editor or researcher, you can make retirement income from your craft. [Read more...]

Start a Retirement Business in Personal Services: Wellbeing

There is a wide range of retirement activities that are included under the umbrella called wellbeing. Many of these activities have their roots in ancient times. Throughout history, they have been revered and reviled depending on the beliefs of the culture at the time. [Read more...]

Start a Retirement Business in the Healing Arts

The Healing Arts have been around for thousands of years. Long before there was ‘modern’ medicine, shamans and other wise ones used multiple ways to heal the body, soul and mind. While some of the practices listed here are controversial in different circles, many are gaining wider acceptance. All require training or specialized knowledge, but most are not regulated by state governments. [Read more...]

Start a Retirement Business in Finance

If you’re good with numbers and enjoy working with figures and finances, there are a number of different ways you can start a retirement business. You can start these business with minimal upfront investment. [Read more...]

Start a Retirement Business Organizing Others

With 77 million aging baby boomers and their parents downsizing and rightsizing, there is a lot of opportunity to use your organizing skills to help others. Most people have more stuff than they know what to do with. As people get older, even cherished possessions can start to be a burden. For children of the elderly who need to move away from a family home, the process of sorting can be overwhelming [Read more...]

Start a Retirement Business With Crafts

Most craft businesses start out of a hobby. For one reason or another, the crafter decides to turn the hobby into a business. It may be a desire to cover the costs of equipment and supplies. It may be because family and friends want to purchase items. It may come from a need to earn additional income. There is now a term called hobbypreneurs to describe these people. [Read more...]