Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will Appear

Tips for Positive Aging – Leap and the Net Will AppearThis is the fourth video in the series about positive aging. While aging baby boomers are looking for activities for their retirement purpose, the quest for fulfillment is as much in the ‘be’ing and stillness of life as it is in the ‘do’ing and activities of growing older.

Leap and the net will appear
As we get older, there is more of a tendency to let things happen instead of always feeling like you have to make things happen. I’ve learned that when I try to force a situation, I usually ruin it or it turns out different than I envisioned.

All the happiness you ever find lies in you
Baby boomers have grown up in a world where happiness lies in the next sparkling gem out there. Ultimately, we’re learning happiness is an internal proposition. We all know people who apparently ‘have it all’ but are miserable. As Viktor Frankl asserted in “Man’s Search for Meaning,” you can live in a concentration camp and still find peace.

Wherever you go there you are
In this journey of life, you take you wherever you go. In the end, true happiness comes for finding acceptance of ourselves. This isn’t just our strengths, but also our weaknesses.

Life consists of little short moments
In the end, happiness isn’t found in the big celebrations of life, but in the tiny moments of beauty, connectedness and peace.

I’d love you to share your thoughts about growing older gracefully and positive aging. What have you learned through this journey?


Footnote: These photos were taken of lotus blossoms in Bali. Truly a sight to behold.




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