Transition into the New Retirement

Do you think of retirement as a time to take it easy? That was the traditional concept of retirement. If you’d worked in the factory for thirty years, your body was tired and worn out. You were content to putter a bit in the garden, sit on the porch, and let the world pass you by. The New Retirement Transition is quite different from our parents.

As baby boomers reach retirement-age, they are looking for a new type of retirement. But, what is it, many may ask?

One way to look at the new retirement is a time to explore and let your own uniqueness unfold. If you have worked hard to achieve the American dream, maintain a solid career, raised a family, then retirement can be a new opportunity to reinvent your life. You have the opportunity to let the aspect of you that lay dormant rise to the surface and express itself. Retirement can be an opportunity to get to know yourself in a new way. You can grow and improve. That’s a new way of looking at growing old.

You may decide to continue to work, start a business, make a difference in the world, or play. Peter Laslett coined the term Third Age. He describes third age not as being over the hill, but an opportunity to climb to new heights. There is the prospect of living to one’s fullest capacity and greatest fulfillment in life. Third age provides a time to explore, develop and express yourself.

Living the new retirement takes thought, planning and often experimentation with your life. You need to be willing to engage in introspection by reviewing who your are and where you’ve been. You will want to create a vision of the life you want and goals as to how to obtain it. It’s not about creating a new to-do list for your life, but willingness to take full responsibility for who you are and the life you want.




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